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UXinsight Festival 2020

Reflections on UXinsight Festival 2020

More than 400 researchers from around 30 countries took part in UXinsight festival, which hosted 19 talks and 22 interactive sessions. Beant Kaur Dhillon shares her experience.

In-demand skills for UX Researchers

Zsombor Varnagy-Toth analysed 23 UX Researcher job-postings from the biggest tech and UX thought-leader companies. What skills and experiences are required?

Progressing as a user researcher

Nikki identifies six skills that UX researchers need to grow. There are the typical areas of empathy, patience, and context-switching, but also the ability to delegate, or visualising impact. What else do we need to become an exceptional researcher?

What I will be reading this summer – besides the 7 parts of the Seven Sisters ;-)

What are the UXR books on your reading list? I have a shortlist of 4 books I hope to read this summer.

How to make your UX lab Corona-proof

Now that the measures in most countries are being relaxed, it is time to reopen your UX lab and meet your target audience in person again. But how do you facilitate safe research for everyone?

Guiding your team strategy with User Research Principles

How to get to the next level with your UX research team, if your team is scattered around different offices and operate in different time zones? Emma Boulton shares how she addressed this challenge at Babylon Health.

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