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UXinsight Unfolds 2021 - Making UX Research more inclusive

Nov 11

Are you ready to take a step towards a more inclusive UX Research practice?

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Training and meetups

27 Oct

How to Clarify Your Research Learning Objectives: A Tool for Transparency and Alignment | Oct 27, 2021

Get all team’s stakeholders aligned to ensure that you are studying what was intended to be studied. Create efficient, organized research plans for the future.

Maaike Mintjes
Karin den Bouwmeester


The support of a UX research coach brings many benefits. Together you can define specific areas you would like to focus on and develop.

Karin den Bouwmeester

Creative Interviewing Techniques

Connect with users on a deeper level: uncover barriers and expand your toolbox of creative interviewing techniques.

Maaike Mintjes

Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement in UX Research Projects

How can you – in an online world – actively involve stakeholders in planning research, analysing outcomes or sharing insights? To do so, wear a different hat: that of a facilitator.

Maaike Mintjes

Exploratory research – what, why and how?

How to uncover what users need and want. In this introductory training, you’ll learn about exploratory research and how to apply this in your own work.

Storytelling Masterclass

Sway stakeholders with the ultimate change management tool. Learn how to find a story worth telling and how to structure it for maximum effect.


Socrates on Sneakers – Ask better Questions, get better Answers

In this workshop, you will find out some of the reasons that prevent us from asking the right question at the right time, and you will learn how to improve your art of questioning.

Getting your message across – An Introduction to Visual Thinking

Learn to shape your ideas by drawing and use your own visuals in your communications. You will be amazed at the result, really: everyone can draw 😊.

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Work, experiment and learn together in small groups. Join groups on specific topics, like ‘small research teams’ or ‘driving inclusive research'.

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