Listen and learn! Valuable UXR podcasts and related recordings

6 Podcasts & Youtube channels valuable to UX researchers

There is a lot to learn about UX research, that’s for sure. And there are numerous ways to do so. We asked the UXR community about their favourite podcasts.

Combining this input with our own experiences, we created an overview of UXR podcasts and other recordings we highly recommend. Start listening 🙂

Top 3 podcasts, focussed on UX research

Dollars to donuts by Steve Portigal

In his podcast, Steve Portigal talks with the people who lead user research in their organizations. Steve – UXR consultant, writer and speaker himself – likes to talk about UX research on a meta-level and about the maturity of research.

Mixed-Methods by Aryel Cianflone

Aryel works as a UX researcher at LinkedIn and started the Mixed-Methods community in 2017. Aryel interviews experienced UX researchers about specific topics like AI, ethics, social impact. 

Awkward Silences by Erin May and John Henry Forster 

A bit more practical than the above-mentioned podcasts, Erin and John interview researchers about how they implement research and methods, about doing research. 

Also worth mentioning

The Human Show by Corina Enache and Angel Bennett

A podcast on practical anthropology. Corine and Angel, both anthropologists ask social scientists and practitioners from all over the world to consider questions like: What is the nature of people’s relationship to communicative and interactive technology? What is the role ethics, power, agency and trust play in the making and performance of that relationship?

UX Tea Break by David Travis

Not a podcast, but YouTube videos. David Travis is an experienced researcher helping out other researchers by answering their questions in 5-minute videos. Topics he discussed are for example: how to include stakeholders in your research, what questions to ask during a field visit, or how to level up UXR maturity. 

UXR Conversations by Noam Segal

Started this year, Noam interviews UX researchers worldwide in a live stream. They talk about their personal development as a researcher, background and work. The live streams are shared afterwards on Youtube.

What’s your favourite UXR podcast or recording? We would love to know.

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