About UXinsight

UXinsight is an international organisation dedicated to UX research. Our mission is to connect UX researchers around the globe.

We offer UX research conferences, training, coaching, meetups & resources that spark inspiration and help develop skills.

We aim to create a friendly safe space where we as UX researchers can connect, share and learn.

Our roots 

After working in the field since 2000, Karin den Bouwmeester, the founder of UXinsight, started a UX research consulting agency in 2012 (Userproof). Over the years she offered training and user research services to large enterprises, e-commerce companies, non-profits, agencies and the government. 

When coaching and training clients, she noticed that many UX researchers and designers faced similar struggles – being the only one in their company, having to explain the value of UX research, unsure how to tackle certain issues. They were looking for ways to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded people.   

In 2013, Karin started organising local UX research meetups: small gatherings of peers, coming together to exchange, learn and discuss issues at hand. There was so much demand and enthusiasm, that in 2017 this grew into the first conference in Europe dedicated to UX research, and the birth of UXinsight.  

Since then, UXinsight hosted in-person and online UX research conferences every year attracting hundreds of UX professionals from all over the world. 

With 10+ years of experience providing UX research consulting and training services at her research agency, Karin brought this expertise to UXinsight. UXinsight offers user research training and coaching for individuals as well as organisations.

Meet the team

Karin den Bouwmeester

Karin is the founder of UXinsight. With 20+ years of hands-on research experience, she's determined to help the research community grow to a mature level. She loves to connect UX researchers from all over the world.


Debbie Slijpen

Debbie is UXinsight's coordinator, planner and go-getter. She looks after our speakers, sponsors, trainers, participants and all the people we work with. She isn't happy until everything - and everyone - is taken care of.


Our Values

Our dream is a world where every organisation, from for-profits to governments to NGOs, embraces human-centred design. We believe that UX research can have such impact that no products or services are developed without taking into account​ the wishes, needs and environment of people.

At UXinsight, what we do is guided by our core values:

  • Collaboration: We work with UX research professionals around the world and strive to find subject-matter experts. We love connecting people!

  • Commitment: We are committed to provide a positive experience to the people we work with, keep on learning and improving. We evaluate every activity and take feedback very seriously.

  • Inspiration: We are driven by inspiration – we aim to provide inspiration to others, but also do the work we love, with people we admire.

  • Inclusion: We aim for our resources and services to be inclusive of different people and perspectives. See our Accessibility Statement.

  • Value: Our goal is to add value to the UX research community. We strive to work with people and organisations that are aligned with our intentions.

Let’s collaborate!

UXinsight depends on the contributions of the UX research community. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved in one of the following activities:

Or maybe you’ve got other suggestions, expertise or ways you’d like to collaborate with us. Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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