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UX research is a relatively young profession. We’re all growing and learning every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to find people who can teach us.  

Which is why our mission is to connect UX researchers across the globe. We invite you to browse the resources, join the UXinsight community and check out the training offered. 

Help us to create a friendly space where we as researchers can connect, share and learn.  

Our roots 

In my role as a freelance researcher back in 2012, I talked to a lot of researchers working in different types of organisations. Many of them were struggling: being the only researcher in their company, having to explain the value of UXR, they felt uncertain about how to tackle research issues.

So we started organising local meetups: small gatherings of research peers, discussing issues at hand.

Since we had so much to discuss, it seemed like a good idea to organise a large peer-group meeting every year. This was the birth of the UXinsight Event in 2017. The UXinsight conference attracts hundreds of researchers from all over the world. Since 2020 it has been organised as an online event.

Meet the team

Karin den Bouwmeester

Karin den Bouwmeester

Karin is the founder of UXinsight. With 20 years of hands-on research experience, she's determined to help the research community grow to a mature level. She loves to connect UX researchers from all over the world.

Debbie Slijpen

Debbie is UXinsight's coordinator, planner and go-getter. She looks after our speakers, sponsors, trainers, participants and all the people we work with. She isn't happy until everything - and everyone - is taken care of.

Jeffrey Coleman

Jeffrey is UXinsight’s community ambassador. Any given day, he might be researching trends in the industry, helping community members connect with one another, or supporting the organization of future events and trainings. Seeing others learn and grow is what inspires him.

Anna Efimenko at UXinsight Festival 2021

Anna Efimenko

Anna is UX Research Ambassador at UXinsight. With 7+ years of UX research experience, she is passionate about designing experiences informed by data and driven by empathy. Anna loves to learn and to contribute to the research community through mentorship & knowledge sharing.

What we believe in

Our community is independent and open to everyone who is interested in user experience research. We pride ourselves in:

  • delivering high-quality resources 
  • staying independent 
  • being collaborative and open-minded

That is why we work with UX research professionals around the world to provide original, peer-reviewed articles on UX research topics.

Drop us a note!

UXinsight depends on the contributions of the UX research community—your contributions. So feel free to send us a message if you’d like to get involved in one of the following activities:

Or maybe you’ve got some other suggestions or expertise you’d like to share with us. Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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