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Phil Hesketh

Phil has been involved in design for over a decade, and spent the last 5 years doing service design and research for organisations like

Making research data insightful

When evaluating the user experience, you end up with massive amounts of data and hours of video footage. How does one get from this

Youp van Veen

Youp is a Netherlands-based UX researcher who loves what he does: bringing people, services and technology together in a sustainable way. It is an ultimate

Melody David (host)

Melody is passionate about creating inclusive user experiences driven by research & data. In recent years, she has hosted and spoken at several events

Bindu Upadhyay

Bindu is passionate about people, their behaviour, and the ecosystems in which they interact. At Mendix, as a Service Designer, she brings in a

Nidhi Jalwal (host)

Nidhi is part of the Global UX team at Adidas to make sure that the user is an integral part of the equation. She

Caroline Jarrett

Caroline is the forms specialist. She founded her business Effortmark Ltd in 1994 to allow her to concentrate on helping organisations to make their