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Do you have questions about the research field? Or knowledge you want to share with peers? Join our UX research community.

What does the UXinsight community offer?

  • A safe, private space to discuss practical UX research matters with peers
  • Sources of inspiration (books, podcasts, videos)
  • Special interest groups (e.g. small research teams, or driving inclusivity and diversity)
  • Job board and career advice
  • Network opportunities
  • Online meetups for members

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‘I already joined a Slack group and am active on LinkedIn, why do I need this?’

Most of you already use LinkedIn and Twitter for posing questions to peers. Or you joined a Slack community. So why you need this?

Our experience with these platforms is that they are very suitable to have a broad reach but less suitable to discuss issues with a small group of peers. Slack groups often get huge and lack structure. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed or lost.

What we want to offer instead is:

  • A dedicated, and not too large group of peers – so if you post a question you can value the answers you get for their worth
  • Experienced UX researchers curate the UXinsight community.
  • A structured and searchable database – keep track of information that is shared, and find it back easily.
  • Grow your network – get to know other researchers, for example working in your area, in the same type of environment, with the same interest, faced with similar challenges etc.

We are dedicated to keep this community focused and of high quality.

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  • Focused and of high quality
  • A structured and searchable database
  • A dedicated, and not too large group of peers
  • Register now, it's free of charge
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