Online UX Research Conference

Welcome to the new normal

Coachella and Glastonbury might be cancelled, but the greatest UX research festival of the year is still happening… Join leading experts of UX research from across the world, as we take our UX research conference online. We’ll have everything from quizzes to awards, and of course – plenty of opportunities for the natural and insightful networking you need to take your work and career to the next level. Main program 14.00 -18.00 CET – to suit most time zones. Take a look at the full program.

Mon 14th

People and Skills

What skills do we need as a researcher? What does creativity mean? How do we connect?

Tue 15th

Scope and Data Collection

Learn new and creative methods of research, as well as insight on how to handle even the trickiest of fieldwork situations!

Wed 16th

Organisation and Impact

We've all experienced the frustration of feeling as though our impact is limited - but what can we do to elevate ourselves and our role?

Thu 17th

Sharing Insights and Knowledge Management

Translating findings into actions - how do we ensure the things we discover are put in place?

Fri 18th

Cases and Community

Get inspired by real-life case studies from fellow researchers. Learn what they did, and how to take these learnings to your own work.

Ready to inspire

We have so many awesome speakers this year! We’d like to introduce a small number of the brilliant people who will be taking the (virtual) stage for you. Go to the Speakers page for the full list.

The same but different

A big part of UX research conference experience is bumping into old friends, as well as making new connections. While you won’t be able to have a lively discussion over a beer, we’ve arranged plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with your fellow UX researchers.


Inspiring talks from some of the best UX researchers on the planet - which can be replayed to ensure you don't miss a single second!


Discuss and innovate in small groups. What did you learn today, and how can you apply this to your daily work?

Be the best!

Hey, everyone likes winning. Join a small group of your fellow researchers to take on a research challenge in search of the grand prize.

Live Q&A

Each day, you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions to all of our expert speakers.

Keep discussions going

During the Festival and rest of September, you can chat with other visitors in our community platform. Stay connected.

See you there!

Hey, if you’ve scrolled this far – you must be interested, right? A one day ticket is €95, or enjoy the entire event for €195. Please note – if you already purchased a ticket for the original UXinsight Conference, you already have your spot secured! Check conditions on our FAQ page

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