From in-person conference to online Festival

Frequent asked questions

I have a ticket for UXinsight 2020, what do I need to do to transfer to the Festival?

You don’t have to do anything. You can join the UXinsight Festival with your existing ticket. We deeply appreciate your support and your patience over the past months, which is why we’d like to include a 50% discount on your ticket for UXinsight 2021.

What other options do I have?

Times have certainly changed, and we understand that this may include your plans and availability. We are really confident that we have put together an event that will be even bigger and better than the original, but claiming a refund (either full or partial) is possible until August 1st.

On June 18th all ticket holders have received an e-mail announcing the Festival. At the bottom of this email, you’ll find a button to amend or confirm your attendance. Here you can choose the option that suits you most:

1. Keep your ticket + 50% discount on UXinsight 2021
2. Transfer to the festival ticket + refund for the additional costs of the UXinsight 2020 ticket
3. Request a refund

I have a ticket to the UXinsight workshops. Can I still participate?

We have rescheduled the workshops during the Festival week. On July 9th all workshop ticket holders have received an update on the workshops that are taking place.

How can I connect with other researchers during the Festival?

To most of us, a major benefit of visiting a conference is the possibility to connect with other researchers. We took this as the basis of the Festival.

> All combi-ticket owners are invited to join our online community platform and form a closed group.
> The talks will be just as good, but shorter. We will take more time to discuss the insights during the live Q&A.
> Every day you can enter (small) groups of researchers, either to learn a new skill, discuss a topic, enter a challenge or have some fun in a game.
> Or, we can connect you to an individual researcher for an one-on-one chat in our meet & greet section.

Why did you choose to go online?

After working out different scenarios, talking to the team and the venue, we have decided to opt for a fully virtual event. Although we feel sad that we will not meet in person, we also feel it's the only right thing to do with the knowledge we currently have.

Current restrictions/considerations:
> Until Sept 1st, our government forbids events with more than 100 people. At this moment we have no indication that this rule will be relaxed after September 1st.
> Many companies have travel restrictions, prohibiting both speakers as well as attendees to joining us in person.
> Governments rules that everyone needs to maintain 1,5 meters distance from one another. We feel this will make networking opportunities at least a bit awkward.
> As an organisation, we feel that we cannot guarantee everyone’s safety and that is what is most important to us.

With a new format, the UXinsight Festival, including the original content and more, we expect to offer you a great alternative.

What are the ticket prices for the UXinsight Festival?

A one day ticket is €95, or enjoy the entire event for €195.

What happens to the program?

Many of the speakers and workshop facilitators of the original UXinsight program have confirmed that they are very happy to be part of the UXinsight Festival! We’ve grouped the original content in 5 themes, spread over 5 days and added a lot of activities. The program contains talks, workshops, challenges, live Q&A’s and plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with your fellow researchers.

Please find the full program here.

Are the talks recorded?

With the exception of one talk (Jan Chipchase - Creative Destruction), all talks are prerecorded. If you have a ticket to the Festival (5-days), you will also get access to all recordings for the whole month of September.

Every day we also plan a live Q&A with the speakers scheduled for that day.

Note that the interactive sessions (e.g. workshops, panel discussions, quizzes, challenges) are NOT recorded.

How do I access the online Festival?

The online platform for the Festival is Hopin. To log in, you'll get a personal link one working day in advance. You have to create a Hopin account or use your existing account. You register once and can use your account to log in to the separate Festival days.

For some sessions and workshops, we'll use Zoom, to be able to work in breakout rooms. If applicable, you'll receive the link to join one working day in advance.

I already booked a flight/hotel. What can I do?

Please check the terms and conditions of your airline and/or hotel. Many have shown extra courtesy in light of this difficult situation, so please check what options they provide.

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