Boost your UX research strategy

Want to level up UX (research) maturity at your organisation? Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to more experienced UX research practitioners.

Escape your daily routine at Valsplat’s inspiring venue in the Netherlands.

Dates: December 1-2 2022

Upgrade your UX research strategy with a UXR playbook

👌 Join us for masterclasses and workshops with leaders and experts in the field of UXR strategy.
💪 Work on strategizing UX research. From aligning purpose to building a strong culture. And setting goals to measuring impact. Get a UX research playbook, and make it yours!
🤝 Meet peers, share experiences and team up to push your UX research practice forward.
✌️ Enjoy the vibe and immerse yourself in this two-day getaway with great food, drinks & fun.

Your UX research playbook

  • A plan to push UXR to the next level in your organisation
  • A tool to get everyone in your team on the same page
  • A guide to help you and your team stay focused, organized and accountable
  • You get a playbook, you work with it, you take it with you afterwards

UX research leaders and experts help you work on your strategy

Molly Stevens

Senior Director of User Experience at

Kathleen Asjes

Research & Insights leader

Brittney Reyes

Driving Product Strategy at Miro

Soma Ray

Head of Research at Sendcloud

Brought to you by passionate and experienced UX research professionals

Karin den Bouwmeester

Founder of UXinsight

Nils van den Broek

Co-founder of Valsplat

Joris Leker

Co-founder Valsplat

Anna Efimenko

UX Research Ambassador at UXinsight

Miel de Zwart

Head of Valsplat Academy

Saskia Slegers

Facilitator at Valsplat Academy

Kickstart your UXR Playbook to take your research strategy to the next level

Day 1 - December 1

Set course for your UX research practice

  • Start with a clear goal: what impact do you want to make?​
  • Identify hurdles and challenges: what is standing between you and success? ​
  • Stay healthy: keep an eye on drivers and energy leaks

Build the right UXR culture in your team & organization​

  • How to find and utilize UX champions who will influence leadership and culture?​
  • Involve important stakeholders and learn to reframe your goals with theirs
  • Assess team and individual skills needed to make things happen

Day 2 - December 2

Set out a clear strategic plan​

  • From goals to next steps you'll execute right away, you will construct an action plan that will guide you along the way​
  • Don't get swallowed by everyday work: learn how to prioritize and say yes to what matters most​

Determine how to measure UXR impact on the business​

  • Define UXR impact: how will you determine you've achieved your goals?​
  • Formulate hard and soft metrics that measure success​

This is how you get in!

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