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Want to level up the UX research maturity at your organisation? Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to more experienced user researchersApply

Escape your daily routine at Valsplat’s inspiring venue in the Netherlands.

September 21 & 22

Join us for masterclasses and workshops

This program is tailored to senior UX researchers, (starting) UXR managers or leads  — people looking for ways to influence user research maturity in their organisation.

👌 Together with leaders and experts in the field of UXR strategy.
💪 Work on strategizing UX research. From aligning purpose to building a strong culture. And setting goals to measure impact. Get a UX research playbook, and make it yours!
🤝 Meet peers, share experiences and team up to push your UX research practice forward.
✌️ Enjoy the vibe and immerse yourself in this two-day getaway with great food, drinks & fun.

What others say about the Getaway

“I loved speaking with other experienced UX researchers about UX maturity, and learning what worked and didn’t work for them. This helped me decide on what steps I should take to grow UXR within the organization” – Noortje van der Meulen-Hoogerwaard, t-Mobile – 

“I liked the intimate nature of it ..because it was a smaller group and we spent all of our time together, it helped us to build stronger relationships that broke down walls to encourage being open and transparent” – Brittney Reyes, Miro

UX research leaders and experts who inspire your research strategy

Parisa Khanipour Roshan

Head of User Research at TomTom

Janelle Ward

Principal Consultant at Janelle Ward Insights

Emma Craig

Head of UX Research, Enterprise and Platform at Miro

Karin den Bouwmeester

Founder at UXinsight

Miel de Zwart

Research & Design Consultant at Valplat

We discuss four areas of interest and provide you with practical steps for each of the areas

Day 1 - September 21

Set course for your UX research practice

  • Start with a clear goal: what impact do you want to make?​
  • Identify hurdles and challenges: what is standing between you and success? ​

Build the right UXR culture in your team & organization​

  • How to find and utilize user research champions who will influence leadership and culture?​
  • Involve important stakeholders and learn to reframe your goals with theirs

Day 2 - September 22

Learn how to prioritize and build an action plan

  • Don't get swallowed by everyday work: learn to prioritize and say yes to what matters most.​
  • Translate this into concrete actions you and the research team can take to increase UXR maturity.

Determine how to make the UXR's impact on the business explicit​

  • Define UXR impact: how will you determine you've achieved your goals?​
  • Define your first milestones: what are the first things you will do differently next week?

This is how you get in!

  • The price of this 2-day event is €2.795 (inc. your hotel stay, food and drinks, ex VAT).
  • We will keep it small – the maximum group size is 25.
  • Take back to the office:
    • 🚀 The first outline of your strategic plan
    • 📓 A playbook full of useful frameworks
    • 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Valuable new connections of experienced peers
    • 📅 A follow-up appointment to discuss progress and keep connected
  • The event location is at Valsplat, Nieuwersluis, in the Netherlands, ideal for a 2-day retreat.
  • Before registration, we will plan an intake to see if the program fits your needs.
  • If you’re interested, plan a free intake or contact us at:
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