Guiding your team strategy with User Research Principles

How to get to the next level with your UX research team, if your team is scattered around different offices and operate in different time zones? Emma Boulton shares in her article how she addressed this challenge at Babylon Health.

She, and the UX research team, started with an analysis of the current status of research at Babylon (a.o. by using the Research Skills Framework). After that, they defined four themes for improvement, in their case:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Visibility
  3. Quality
  4. Connectedness

Next step was to define principles for each theme, e.g. for Efficiency:

  • Provide the means to support the craft
  • Be consistent in our approach and enable research to scale
  • Understand the constraints and be careful with resources

And translate these into concrete objectives, e.g.:

Objective 1: Standardise and scale our Research infrastructure to improve operational efficiencies.

They worked for a couple of months towards reaching their objectives, which lead to some fruitful initiatives in their organisation. Emma advises giving team members a stake in delivering: evaluate their contribution in achieving the team objectives.

This structured approach can help every team that wants to reach the next level, so definitely take the time to read the full article on Medium if you’re up to this challenge.

The full article was published by Emma Boulton on Medium

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