How Many Participants are Really Enough for Usability Studies?

[Sciencific read] There is a lot of discussion going on if 5 respondents is enough for a usability test or not. Some researchers firmly believe it is, while other strongly argument it isn’t.

This scientific study discusses all arguments and sets up an experiments to find the optimal number of respondents. Issues discussed are

  1. Properties of the system and interface, including the size of the software product
  2. Stage in the usability lifecycle the product is assessed in, whether early in the design phase or after several iterations of test and re-design
  3. Type and quality of the methodology used to conduct the assessment (summative or formative)
  4. Specific tasks selected
  5. Match between the assessment and the context of real-world usage
  6. Representativeness of the assessment users
  7. Skill of the evaluator
  8. Personality of the participant (introverts, extroverts)

The full article was published by Roobaea Alroobaea & Pam J. Mayhew on ResearchGate

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