How to make UX research accessible for neurodiverse professionals

There have been a lot of discussions in the UX research field about diversity and inclusion. How do we convince organisations to invest in accessibility? How do we change our UX research processes and recruitment practices?

But how inclusive is our field for UX professionals?

Penninah Jones talks about the need to update industry standards for implementing UX research methods to make our field more accessible to neurodivergent professionals. Because disorders like ADHD and Autism are underdiagnosed, accommodations need to be available for all members of a team. Diversity and inclusion can only be achieved if we fundamentally change the way we work to accommodate everyone interested in the UX field.

How can UX research methods and standards be harmful to neurodivergent professionals, and what can we do about it? Catch the unique opportunity to check out Penninah’s talk from our UX research conference in 2022. And … 🤫 get ready for Part 2 at UXinsight Festival 2023!

New to the topic of inclusion? Get started with this list of resources for a more inclusive research practice.

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Anna Efimenko

Anna Efimenko (she/her)

Anna is a Senior UX Researcher and UX Research Ambassador at UXinsight. With 7+ years of UX research experience, she is passionate about designing experiences informed by data and driven by empathy.

Previously, Anna worked at and supported multi-disciplinary teams by using qualitative and quantitative data to inform product design, strategy, metrics and data models. She is excited about mixed-methods research and collaborations with other insights disciplines (e.g. data science). Anna loves to learn and to contribute to the research community through mentorship & knowledge sharing.

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