In-demand UX Research skills

Zombor Varnagy-Toth analysed 68 UX Researcher jobs to understand which skills and experience matter to employers. These were positions at the big tech and UX thought-leader companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Intercom, but also average tech companies.

What UX research skills matter to employers

  • Methods
  • Communication
  • Process management
  • Collaboration
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Evolving research

Read Zombor’s article to understand in detail what employers are looking for in a UX researcher.

Check out this article to learn 6 skills can set you apart beyond simply running research. These are: emotional empathy, ability to delegate, knowing how to democratize research, tactical empathy to stakeholders, visualizing impact and creativity.

The full article was published by Zombor Varnagy-Toth on UX Planet

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