Opening keynote: Becoming a Master in Failure

A Master in Failure: 1) is allowed to make mistakes2) is able to make mistakes3) stays relaxed when making mistakes4) learns from making mistakes5)

When Moving Too Fast Really Does Break Things

We live in the era of “move fast and break things” — where learning through iteration and delivering quick outcomes is prioritized, even if

The Failures we need to Succeed

As researchers, we typically don’t have one bad project with the rest being flawless and simple. Instead, we fail in little ways along different

How to Fail at Building an In-House UXR Practice

With UX Research coming into the limelight, more and more organizations are looking to bring in their first UX Research hire. When they look

Creative Destruction

In his talk, Jan will share the Studio D approach to enabling peak creativity in design, research and strategy projects. Be sure to bring