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Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement in UX Research Projects

Maaike Mintjes

Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement in UX Research Projects

Stakeholder support is crucial for the success of our research projects. But how do you get stakeholders to feel involved and engaged? Sometimes we invite stakeholders to participate in interviewing or observe testing. This is great, but there are more ways to get stakeholders’ buyin. To do so, a researcher must wear a different hat: that of a facilitator. 

This 3-hour, hands-on, online course will give you practical tips and tools on how to facilitate stakeholder engagementHocan you – in an online world actively involve stakeholders in planning a research project or analysing research outcomes? How do you help stakeholders to feel empathy for users when you share research insights?  

We will look at 3 challenges UX researchers face, which can feel like even more of a challenge when you can only work online:

  1. Working with stakeholders to get your research brief right
  2. Involving stakeholders in analysis
  3. Engaging stakeholders emotionally when sharing research results

The course is given by Maaike Mintjes. She has a UX research background and over the past years has been active as project lead and trainer in co-creation, facilitation and design thinking. With maximum group size of 10 participants, there will be time to ask questionsshare experiences and learn from each other.  

After completing this course you will: 

  • Be aware of how your role as facilitator differs from that of the researcher 
  • Have a practical understanding of ways in which you can actively engage stakeholders at different times in your research process 
  • Have experienced how engaging stakeholders can effectively be done online with a tool like Miro 


  • Maaike Mintjes

    Maaike Mintjes

Maaike started her career as a socio-historical researcher, and by chance moved into the UX field in 2007. After learning the ropes of UX design, she specialised in UX research. She loved doing UX research but noticed that often research insights were lost along during design and development. To bridge this gap, she started facilitating workshops with stakeholdersFrom here she discovered design thinking and co-creation.  

Maaike has worked for small and large organisations in Australia and The Netherlands. Her most recent job was as Co-create Lead at Philips, where she also delivered design thinking and facilitation training. She is now a happy freelancer, helping clients with all kinds of design challenges. She has an MA in History and recently completed a post-academic course in Behaviour Change. 

As a trainer, Maaike believes in learning through doing, sharing and reflecting. She creates a safe space for people to learn, while at the same time challenging them to put what they’ve learned into practice. She likes everyone to have fun along the way. 


Outline of this training

This course will be delivered online in one 3-hour session.

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Wearing a different hat: researcher vs facilitator
  • Part 1 - Preparing: Involving stakeholders from the start for better results using a research briefing template and other tools
  • Part 2 - Analysing: Generating insights with stakeholders online using Excel and Miro
  • Part 3 - Output: Getting stakeholders to empathise with users by letting them work with customer journey maps, personas and empathy maps
  • Reflection

Note: stakeholder is anyone who can affect or is affected by a project, they can be internal, external, senior or junior. 

Practical information

  • Class in English
  • Online course (runtime 3 hours)
  • Price €225,- (ex VAT) 
  • Course uses Teams and Miro (no account or knowledge of Miro is required) 
  • Group size is 6-10 participants
  • Hands-on and interactive

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  • 6-10 participants
  • Via Teams and Miro
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