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12 favourite UXR podcasts to start listening to

By gathering favourite podcasts from the UXR community and blending them with our own experiences, we’ve crafted an overview valuable for UX researchers. 🎧 Tune in now!

12 Tips for more effective collaborations as UX researchers

In the dynamic landscape of UX research, collaboration is crucial yet challenging. Seasoned professionals at UXinsight Festival 2024 offer valuable insights on effective collaboration and successfully teaming up in UX research.

It’s time to say NO to bad hiring practices in UX research

Looking for a UX research job? Been approached by recruiters? You’ve likely encountered bad hiring processes in UX research…It’s time for a change.

3 Traits you need to become a UX researcher (beyond traditional skillset)

There’s often a focus on learning UX research methods and process. Besides knowing how to do research, which key qualities do you need to become and thrive as UX researcher?

From academia to UX research: Why mentorship matters

Learnings of an early-career UX Researcher about entering and navigating the UXR field.

How to get a UX research job – Tips from industry experts

Trying to get into UX research? Or looking for a new opportunity? Learn what you can do to be effective in UX research job search.

UX researcher career – Q&A with Gregg Bernstein

Want to start a UX research career? Or, progress further? Gregg Bernstein, the author of the book “Research Practice”, shares tips for UX research job hunting and growing into the role of research manager.

How to get into UX research - By Anna Efimenko

How to get into UX research – 5 tips for landing your first job

Trying to start a career in UX research? Check out these practical tips to help you successfully get into UX research and be hired.

Progressing as a user researcher

Nikki identifies six skills that UX researchers need to grow. There are the typical areas of empathy, patience, and context-switching, but also the ability to delegate, or visualising impact. What else do we need to become an exceptional researcher?

As a UX researcher, I sometimes feel unsure of myself –and I thoroughly recommend it!

As a UX researcher, I sometimes feel unsure of myself –and I thoroughly recommend it!

As a researcher, you’re trained to ask questions: What’s the world really like? What’s going on under the surface?

Life as a young UX Researcher

Life as a young UX Researcher

What problems do young UX researchers encounter during their daily job? How do they handle these problems? Inge and Anne from Online Department did the research.

Putting the “academic” research in UX

The parallels between UX and academic research and some ways we can learn from each other.