The future of UX research is automated, and that’s a problem

Observing your users live is like watching a live football game. Imagine you’re in the crowd at Wembley watching two teams in the cup final. You don’t just watch the game: you’re part of the game. You’re involved for 90 minutes – David Travis.

David Travis analysed in 2019 what research methods we are using compared to 2003. Conclusion: we are taking the user researcher out of the method. He compares along two axes, fat versus skinny data, and mediated versus automated methods. We are doing more and more automated research resulting in skinny data.

By doing so we lose a lot of fat data and insights. This article was published in 2019, but a very relevant read today, when we aren’t able to meet our users in person. Read the full article to understand why it’s even better to do an interview by phone than using SurveyMonkey.

The full article was published by David Travis on Userfocus

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