The Horizon of Inquiry – To find time for research, don’t fight the flow—fit into it

Every time you make a product decision (or an organizational decision or a strategic decision, etc.) you are placing a bet, says Erika. An organisation should not be scared by this but motivated to look for answers and insights.

To help us with this, Erika provides a research model including four types of questions you can ask:

  • Generative: What problem might we solve?
  • Descriptive: What is happening currently/happened historically?
  • Evaluative: How well is our solution working?
  • Causal: Why is [x] happening/Why did [x] happen?
The three research stages and the type of research that fits the stage best.

Depending on the stage your project is, you apply a certain type of research. For example, if you need to make a strategic decision, you apply generative, descriptive and/or causal research.

Most important takeaway: try to make your research fit the flow of the organisation.

The full article was published by Erika Hall on Mule

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