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Make Agile work for UX research impact

How can we effectively integrate UX research in Agile? How do we deal with aggressive timelines and lack of research buy-in from agile teams?

UX Research Briefing Template

Figuring out what the research objective is, is a crucial part of preparing for a research project. This template helps you answer important questions before you start, so you can make your research project a success. Fill it out together with your team, clients and/or stakeholders.

How to make your UX lab Corona-proof

Now that the measures in most countries are being relaxed, it is time to reopen your UX lab and meet your target audience in person again. But how do you facilitate safe research for everyone?

Motivations, desires and needs – is it possible to observe them online?

Is it possible to obtain enough useful insights with remote research? How can you be sure you’re not missing out on depth and nuance? What are the pros and cons of online generative research?

Choosing the right approach

Choosing the right approach

How to start a research project? Every project and of course, every research question is different. How do you choose the right approach. Maike Klip has listed her steps in the form of questions she asks herself at the start of every project. Let’s have a look!

A Fundamental Mind Shift For Usability Testing

Mature organisations focus on proactive research instead of reactive research. 5 users is enough doesn’t apply here.

N=5 revisited: how introducing variety improves your research

N=5 revisited: how introducing variety improves your research

Has NN been wrong for over two decades with the golden rule N=5 in usability tests?

How to minimise the impact of biases, barriers and background in healthcare UX research

How to minimise the impact of biases, barriers and background in healthcare UX research

Healthcare is one of those domains that typically brings extra challenges to doing research. How can you minimize the impact of those challenges?

Scoping User Research

Jim discusses some of the problems you may encounter when scoping user research and provide some advice about how to make scoping more accurate.

How To Deliver A Successful UX Project In The Healthcare Sector

Improve your research by considering the three research challenges: Biases, Barriers and Background.

How Many Participants are Really Enough for Usability Studies?

[Sciencific read] There is a lot of discussion going on if 5 respondents is enough for a usability test or not. This scientific study discusses all arguments and sets up an experiments to find the optimal number of respondents.

How Many Test Users in a Usability Study?

Jacob Nielsen argues that it is best to invite 5 participants in a usability test. This number has the biggest ROI.

Why you only need to test with five users (explained)

There is and has been a lot of debate about the magical number of five users for usability testing. Jeff explains the discussion from a statistical perspective.