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How to make UX research accessible for neurodiverse professionals

There have been a lot of discussions in the UX research field about diversity and inclusion. But how inclusive is our field to UX professionals? Learn how UX research industry standards are harmful, and how can we change them to make our field accessible to neurodiverse UX professionals.

10 Tips on how to get started with inclusive UX research practice

How to get started with inclusive UX research? Check out what we’ve learned from our speakers and experts at UXinsight Unfolds 2021 conference.

4 Learnings from making our website more accessible

How to make website more accessible? Check out 4 learnings to help you take the first step towards improving accessibility at your company.

5 Arguments to sell accessibility to your company

Convince your management to invest in accessibility by taking a business perspective: a means to increase revenue, save costs, improve SEO, comply with law and increase customer satisfaction.

Resources for a more inclusive UX research practice

Here’s a list of resources about inclusion. It is intended as a starting point for UX professionals who are willing to invest in a more inclusive UX research practice.

“You can’t say you can’t play”* UXinsight’s journey toward creating an Inclusive Research event, part 1

How do we plan, create and organize an Inclusive Research event? Join our journey and feel free to share your story! Let’s play.

Do your part: driving inclusivity and diversity as UX researchers

What diversity and inclusion challenges do we face as UX researchers and how can we try to solve them? Based on the talk of Farai Madzima, Youp and Bindu hosted a workshop during UXinsight Festival 2020 to discuss this.