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Beyond the buzzwords: Alternatives to Research, Data, Insights

Take some time to reflect on words you use every single day in your practice. There are probably terms like “research”, “data” and “insights”? But using the same words can limit our impact. Learn why and get ideas on how you can diversify your language to ensure clearer and more impactful communication in your work.

3 Types of stakeholders in UX research: Managing expectations and gaining trust

Not all stakeholders are alike. Learn about three types of stakeholders you can come across in UX research, the unique challenges of working with each one, and strategies for effective collaboration to maximize the impact of your work.

4 Mistakes I made as a UX researcher & how to avoid them

Have you ever done research without involving stakeholders? Or, taken all research requests from stakeholders? Learn practical tips on how to avoid these and other UX research mistakes.

Having impact as a UX researcher – Q&A with Gregg Bernstein

Gregg Bernstein, the author of the book “Research Practice”, shares advice and practical tips about how to have impact as a UX researcher.

How we do user research at DUO – Our user research strategy, edition 2019

How we do user research at DUO – Our user research strategy, edition 2019

In this article, Maike Klip describes how they plan their research at DUO to have the most impact. What have they learned so far?

Skip User Research Unless You’re Doing It Right — Seriously

Do research right, or don’t do it at all. Joe makes the point that we better focus on research that has value behind a certain release.