Professional development

UXinsight Festival 2020

Reflections on UXinsight Festival 2020

More than 400 researchers from around 30 countries took part in UXinsight festival, which hosted 19 talks and 22 interactive sessions. Beant Kaur Dhillon shares her experience.

In-demand skills for UX Researchers

Zsombor Varnagy-Toth analysed 23 UX Researcher job-postings from the biggest tech and UX thought-leader companies. What skills and experiences are required?

Progressing as a user researcher

Nikki identifies six skills that UX researchers need to grow. There are the typical areas of empathy, patience, and context-switching, but also the ability to delegate, or visualising impact. What else do we need to become an exceptional researcher?

What I will be reading this summer – besides the 7 parts of the Seven Sisters ;-)

What are the UXR books on your reading list? I have a shortlist of 4 books I hope to read this summer.

UXR Salary report 2020

The UXR Collective organisation collected salary information from UX researchers, mostly from the US and Canada, but also the UK, EU and other countries around the world.

Listen and learn! Valuable UXR podcasts and related recordings

6 Podcasts & Youtube channels valuable to UX researchers

Combining the input of the UXR community and our own experience, we created an overview of UXR podcasts and other recordings we highly recommend.

Training an army of (non)researchers

Do you want to scale your research capacity? Eduardo shares how to train your co-workers in doing research.

As a UX researcher, I sometimes feel unsure of myself –and I thoroughly recommend it!

As a UX researcher, I sometimes feel unsure of myself –and I thoroughly recommend it!

As a researcher, you’re trained to ask questions: What’s the world really like? What’s going on under the surface?

We can’t all be researchers

You can ask everyone to do some programming but that doesn’t make everyone a programmer. The same applies to research.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

How to hire for ResearchOps: skills, experience and potential

Kate Towsey gives practical tips if you are hiring a ResearchOps specialist.

Life as a young UX Researcher

Life as a young UX Researcher

What problems do young UX researchers encounter during their daily job? How do they handle these problems? Inge and Anne from Online Department did the research.

Putting the “academic” research in UX

Putting the “academic” research in UX

The parallels between UX and academic research and some ways we can learn from each other.