It’s time to say NO to bad hiring practices in UX research

Looking for a UX research job? Been approached by recruiters? You’ve likely encountered bad hiring processes in UX research…It’s time for a change.

3 Traits you need to become a UX researcher (beyond traditional skillset)

There’s often a focus on learning UX research methods and process. Besides knowing how to do research, which key qualities do you need to become and thrive as UX researcher?

How to get a UX research job – Tips from industry experts

Trying to get into UX research? Or looking for a new opportunity? Learn what you can do to be effective in UX research job search.

UX researcher career – Q&A with Gregg Bernstein

Want to start a UX research career? Or, progress further? Gregg Bernstein, the author of the book “Research Practice”, shares tips for UX research job hunting and growing into the role of research manager.

In-demand UX Research skills

Zombor Varnagy-Toth analysed 68 UX Researcher job postings from the biggest tech and UX thought-leader companies. What UX research skills and experience are employers looking for?

Progressing as a user researcher

Nikki identifies six skills that UX researchers need to grow. There are the typical areas of empathy, patience, and context-switching, but also the ability to delegate, or visualising impact. What else do we need to become an exceptional researcher?

What I will be reading this summer – besides the 7 parts of the Seven Sisters ;-)

What are the UXR books on your reading list? I have a shortlist of 4 books I hope to read this summer.

Training an army of (non)researchers

Do you want to scale your research capacity? Eduardo shares how to train your co-workers in doing research.

As a UX researcher, I sometimes feel unsure of myself –and I thoroughly recommend it!

As a UX researcher, I sometimes feel unsure of myself –and I thoroughly recommend it!

As a researcher, you’re trained to ask questions: What’s the world really like? What’s going on under the surface?

We can’t all be researchers

You can ask everyone to do some programming but that doesn’t make everyone a programmer. The same applies to research.