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Frequent asked questions

What's included in the combi-ticket?

- Daily talks, between Sept 14-18
- As well as the recordings, so you can watch whenever it suits you. Recordings stay available during the rest of Sept.
- Daily live Q&A sessions
- Free access to our online community platform, where you can chat with other Festival members (during one month in Sept)
- Join interactive sessions every day (workshops, discussions, challenges, games, demos)
- Main program 14.00 -18.00 CET - to suit most time zones

What's included in the one-day ticket?

- Live talks on the day of your ticket
- Live Q&A of the day of your ticket
- Join interactive sessions (workshops, discussions, challenges, games, demo's from our partners)
- Main program 14.00 -18.00 CET - to suit most time zones

When will the full program be online?

Our team is working very hard to finalize the program. The main program will be between 14.00 -18.00 CET - to suit most time zones.

At this point in time, many of the speakers and workshop facilitators of the original UXinsight program have confirmed that they are very happy to be part of the UXinsight Festival! We’ve grouped the original content in 5 themes, spread over 5 days and added a lot of activities. The program will contain talks, workshops, challenges, live Q&A’s and plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with your fellow researchers.

We’ll share updates on the program as soon as we can. If you want to stay informed, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

I already purchased a ticket to the UXinsight 2020 conference

As you have already purchased a ticket for UXinsight 2020, the great news is you don’t need to do anything – your ticket is already secure at no extra cost!

We deeply appreciate your support and your patience over the past months, which is why we’d like to offer you a range of extra benefits, in addition to entry to the entire conference. These include a 50% discount on your ticket for our event in 2021.

Change of plans?
Times have certainly changed, and we understand that this may include your plans and availability. We are really confident that we have put together an event that will be even bigger and better than the original, but claiming a refund (either full or partial) is possible until August 1st. Contact us for more information at

How can I connect with other researchers during the Festival?

To most of us, a major benefit of visiting a conference is the possibility to connect with other researchers. We took this as the basis of the Festival.

- All combi-ticket owners are invited to join our online community platform and form a closed group.
- The talks will be just as good, but shorter. We will take more time to discuss the insights during the live Q&A.
- Every day you can enter (small) groups of researchers, either to learn a new skill, discuss a topic, enter a challenge or have some fun in a game.
- Or, we can connect you to an individual researcher for a one-on-one chat in our meet & greet section.

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