UXalliance: proud sponsor of UXinsight Festival 2021

About the UXalliance
We have no doubt that participants of the UX Insight Festival understand the value of user research. After all, how can you improve the user experience, if you don’t understand your users?

This is especially important if your users are all around the world, as there can be huge differences. However, global user research can be quite challenging. That is why we founded the UXalliance in 2005.

The UXalliance is a global network of 26 UX companies. Each company provides research expertise in their local market. Together we offer a range of global research services to help our clients. In addition, we are all very passionate about user research. So sharing our knowledge within the UX research community is something we love to do! We do this by providing training, organizing events, publishing, and sponsoring.

The UXalliance partners have more than 400 years of research experience together. That means we have made a lot of mistakes as well. Failures that you can learn from! Join our interactive session on Thursday, if you want to improve your global research skills.

Interested in the UXalliance? You can visit us at our booth during the UX Insight Festival. Or have a look at our website or the video below. And make sure you check out our vacancies in the Job Board of the festival. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Website: UXalliance.com
LinkedIn: @UXalliance
Facebook: UserExeperienceAlliance
Twitter: @UXalliance,  #UXA

Website: Axance.fr
LinkedIn: @axancebydevoteam
Twitter: @axance

Website: Userintelligence.com
LinkedIn: @user-intellingence
Twitter: @UI_com

Website: Assistdigital.com
LinkedIn: @assist-digital.com
Facebook: @assistdigitalgroup
Twitter: @assistcrm

UXinsight Festival 2021

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