UX Research Briefing Template

“Asking questions is a waste of time unless you know your reason for doing so in advance.”

Erika Hall

Figuring out what the research objective is, is a crucial part of preparing for a research project. Other things to discuss upfront are things like budgets, deadlines and how recruitment will be handled. This template helps you to think about those important questions before you start, so you can make your research project a success. Fill it out together with your team, clients and/or stakeholders.

Download the template below:

The UX Research Briefing Template UXinsight by Maaike Mintjes. Click for a download in PDF format
UX Research Briefing Template UXinsight by Maaike Mintjes

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Maaike Mintjes

Maaike is a Design Researcher and Co-creation Facilitator. She also provides training and coaching. She has worked in the field of human-centred design since 2007, both in Australia and The Netherlands. She loves using design thinking to build bridges between research insights and design outcomes.

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