UXinsight Festival 2023 – Venue: Chassé Theater

Photo by Michel Kievits

As the largest theatre in the south of the Netherlands, Chassé Theatre is a unique, flexible and attractive location for events. The special building, with three theatre halls and three film halls, is iconic for the city of Breda. The theatre is beautifully situated in the city centre, easily accessible and with ample parking space.


Claudius Prinsenlaan 8
4811 DK Breda
The Netherlands

Public transport

Chassé Theatre is very well accessible by public transport. From Breda Central Station an Arriva bus departs almost every 10 minutes and drops you off close to the entrance of Chassé Theatre. Plan your journey by public transport:

Plan my journey

Alternatively, a 10-minute walk will take you there as well. We recommended taking the route through the Valkenberg park.


There are several parking options close to the Theatre.

Special parking spaces are available next to the theatre and in the Chassé car park for wheelchair users.


Please contact the UXinsight team at info@uxinsight.org if you have any questions or special requests regarding accessibility.

In short: All the halls used for the UXinsight Festival 2023 are accessible to wheelchairs. All rooms are equipped with an assistive system for the hard of hearing with or without a hearing aid. An officially trained guide dog is allowed inside to accompany you.

You can download a comprehensive explanation of the accessibility (in English or Dutch) of the building with detailed information about the halls, catering facilities and toilets.

Covid measures

There are no additional measures at the venue.

However, in case of the following health complaints, we ask you not to visit the theatre: an increase in temperature of 38 degrees or more or a fever, suffering from rhinitis, coughing, sneezing, runny nose and/or sore throat or suffering from other cold complaints such as a runny nose or sneezing.

Please reach out to the UXinsight team at info@uxinsight.org to join the UXinsight Festival online.

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