A UXR conference for everyone passionate about UX research ❀️

πŸ’¬ β€œI felt like I went to my home planet and met my species!


Join our next UX research conference April 15-17, 2024

We - Europe's largest UX research community - are back with our 8th annual UX research conference. πŸ“£ April 15 – Workshops | 14:00 - 18:00 [in-person only, limited spots] πŸ“£ April 16 – Conference day 1 | 9:30 - 17:30 [in-person and online] πŸ“£ April 17 – Conference day 2 | 9:30 - 17:30 [in-person and online]

Theme: Stay Curious, Be Bold

As the UX research field matures, collaborations expand, and AI reshapes processes, adaptability is key. We invite you to β€˜Stay Curious and Be Bold’: 🌟 Explore beyond the known πŸ§ͺ Dare to experiment & do things differently 😎 Be confident, speak up, and make a difference Let’s get even more passionate about UXR ❀️

Why UXinsight Festival?

A program full of inspiring talks and workshops created by UX researchers for UX researchers. Enjoy the.. βœ”οΈ stories of experts with similar challenges βœ”οΈ openness of our UXR community βœ”οΈ opportunity to engage with speakers βœ”οΈ time to network, recharge, and reflect πŸ‘‰ Check out the program

A taste of our UXR conference

⏸️βͺ▢️2023 Festival: Pictures and more Audience Festival 2023 🎟️ 500+ participants (250+ in-person & 250+ online) 🌍 From 40 countries across 5 continents, with many centred in Europe πŸ’Ό 63% UX researcher, 19% Manager/ Lead/ Director, 14% UX designer, 4% Other

πŸ’¬ “UXinsight created such an opportunity where I not only met people but actually connected on a deeper level.”

πŸ’¬ “I appreciated the topics of the presentations and how practical they were. Topics that I run into on a daily/weekly basis as a UX researcher.”

πŸ’¬ “I really liked the open and inclusive atmosphere. It was easy to connect with people, but also totally fine to sit by yourself”

πŸ’¬ “The excellent hybrid running of the conference, I felt like I was there!”

πŸ’¬ “Loved that speakers were also part of the audience, one of us; it felt somehow… Empowering ❀️”

UXinsight by Night ✨

  • An evening activity on Tuesday, April 16 filled with networking, fun, food, and drinks.
  • New year, new game... All participants will be divided into teams to compete for eternal glory and prizes. No matter if you're a games enthusiast or not so much, enjoy the company of your peers and re-energize for the final conference day.
  • Last year, we saw some great bonding and teammates high-fiving, even the day after πŸ˜‰
  • Free of charge, but max 200 participants, including speakers. First-come-first-serve.
  • Supported by Condens
  • Deadline to register: April 5, 2024 at noon (12:00 CEST)


Tickets are no longer available for Festival 2024.

Sponsored by πŸ‘‡ - Interested in sponsoring our 2024 UXR conference? βœ‰οΈ

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