UXinsight Festival 2024 – practical info for speakers 🎀

This page contains information for speakers. It contains practical details on the following topics:

πŸ‘‰ General Festival info
πŸ‘‰ Deadlines and input
πŸ‘‰ Guidelines and tips

General Festival info

This year’s edition is our 8th UXR conference and our 3rd time in the hybrid format.

  • April 15: in-person workshops only (max 30 participants per workshop, max 4 workshops)
  • April 16 and 17: hybrid conference days with talks, live Q&As, networking sessions, break activities, sponsor activities and more.

All talks and Q&As will be live broadcasted and recorded during the Festival. Recordings will be available for the entire year to all Festival ticket holders. Workshops will not be recorded.

General links

Festival 2024 website
Code of Conduct

Audience Festival 2023

🎟️ 500+ participants (250+ in-person & 250+ online)
🌍 From 40 countries across 5 continents, with many centred in Europe
πŸ’Ό 63% UX researcher, 19% Manager/ Lead/ Director, 14% UX designer, 4% Other

Time zone

Central European Summer Time (CEST) – the live program will likely occur between 10:00 and 17:30 CEST


ChassΓ© Theatre
Claudius Prinsenlaan 8
4811 DK Breda
The Netherlands

It is easily accessible by car and train. The nearest train station is Breda. Several (paid) parking options are close to the theatre if you plan to drive. More information about the venue, including how to get there, is available on our website. And of course, we’ll send you all the details you need closer to the Festival.

Deadlines and input

✏️ Forms to fill out

Speaker details – deadline January 15, preferably sooner
Free online tickets – deadline April 1
Talk/presentation details [talks only] – deadline April 1

🎀 Your contribution

1. First draft/outline – deadline January 15
Create and send in a draft version/outline of your talk/workshop.

  • What is your main message?
  • How would you like to structure the story?
  • What is your high-level supported evidence?
  • What would you like to discuss (e.g. what (not) to include)?

You can create slides or use any other format/tool for this outline. Please note that we use slides for the final presentation (see point 5). Send your draft to debbie@uxinsight.org.

2. Coaching session 1 – between January 17 – February 7
During a video call, we can get to know each other and discuss the draft outline of your talk/workshop and provide feedback and tips.

Schedule your coaching session before January 10: For talks – 45 min

3. Pilot version – deadline March 1
Prepare your talk/workshop in more detail, create the presentation and complete your story.

4. Coaching session 2 – between March 1- 15
You’ll present your talk/workshop during a video call. We discuss final adjustments or tips, if applicable.

Schedule your coaching session before February 15: For talks – 45 min

5. Final presentation – deadline April 1
Finalize your slides (including notes, if you wish to have them) and send in the final slides. In case of a talk, we’ll use these slides (and notes) to create a new master file for the event. Changes after this deadline will not be processed.

In the section Guidelines and tips, you’ll find more on, e.g. the format and set-up.

Guidelines and tips

TALKS – The final presentation needs to be a slide deck in PowerPoint or Google Slides (16:9). There is no default template for you to use; you can use your own layout for the slides. We ask you to keep the right bottom corner of your slides empty to create space for the technicians to create a view as below for our online audience.

Preferably use a standard font. If you prefer to use a non-standard font, ensure we have the downloadable version before April 1. We, as well as the technicians at the venue, need this to make sure your slides look the way you want them to look.

Set-up You’ll be standing on a large stage with a large screen behind you where your presentation is shown.

The image is from UXinsight Festival 2023, so this might be slightly different in 2024 (eg. the couch setting), also depending on the theme we decide on. There will be two screens at the bottom of the stage, one to see your presentation and one for the speaker notes (more to the centre of the stage in 2024). The slides will be presented from a central laptop, but you’ll have a clicker to control the slides.

TIPS – Characteristics of a good talk (based on UXinsight Festival attendee feedback)

  • Focused on UX research
  • Practical
    – Offers actionable learnings & takeaways
    – Provides a concrete case study/example(s)/framework & its application
    – Bonus: material to take away (e.g. template)
  • Brings a new perspective
  • Relatable
  • Good presentation skills and storytelling

Resources for inspiration on storytelling:
πŸ‘‰ How To Tell Stories Like TED Speakers
πŸ‘‰ Two Tips for UX Storytelling
πŸ‘‰ 9 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations

🎀 Speaker tips for presenting

Top 2 talks selected as most inspiring at UXinsight Festival 2023:
πŸ’‘ Let’s talk biases – by Marijke van Moll and Misha Kelso
πŸ’‘ Accessibility in UX for Neurodiverse UX Professionals Part II – by Penninah Jones


For all practical or organisational questions or remarks, contact Debbie at debbie@uxinsight.org or via +31 (0)648334517.

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