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Get support for your UX / design research challenge

Can your research team benefit from a fresh perspective? Or does your organisation lack a specific research skill? Or maybe just the time? UXinsight can help out and offers consultancy. We assist in your research projects or take over the process from start to end.

We love research

With over 20 years of experience, we love every aspect of research:

  • understanding the research question
  • connecting with stakeholders
  • creating a research plan
  • experimenting with different methods
  • talking to users
  • diving into the data and making sense out of it      

So let’s get started. 

Meet the team

Karin den Bouwmeester

Karin is a psychologist with a lot of experience in usability testing, eye-tracking, interviewing, focus groups, card-sorting and diary studies. She started her career as a researcher in 2000, and worked for enterprises, e-commerce, government and agencies. She is also trained as a workshop facilitator and experienced trainer.

Maaike Mintjes

Maaike is a Design Researcher and Co-creation Facilitator. She also provides training and coaching. She has worked in the field of human-centred design since 2007, both in Australia and The Netherlands. She loves using design thinking to build bridges between research insights and design outcomes.

Userproof becomes UXinsight Consulting

In 2012 Karin started a research agency called Userproof. She worked for large enterprises, e-commerce, non-profit, agencies as well as the government. Talking with customers, she noticed that researchers and designers were looking for ways to expand their knowledge and share experiences with peers: the birth of UXinsight. In 2020 Userproof is merged into UXinsight Consulting.


How can we help you?

If you need some help with your research challenge, contact us via email. Our research agency is based in the Netherlands.   UXinsight Consulting | De Teruggave Gasthuisvelden 11 | 4811 VC Breda | The Netherlands

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