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December 2021

01 Dec

Measuring UX – Current State and Future Opportunities

In this talk, Sebastian Perrig will present the results of a systematic quantitative literature review of papers that study UX using survey scales.

The findings have several implications for UX research and practice that this talk will also address.

02 Dec

UXRS Holiday Networking Party

Join UXRS for some holiday networking cheer! Come celebrate a great year of UX learning and meet some new people to network with in 2022!

We are going to have smaller breakout rooms where you can get to know other people who are interested in user experience research and strategy. Reflect on a year of UX learning and look forward to 2022 with the UXRS community!

03-04 Dec

Women in Design 2021: A Free Conference by Ideate Labs

A design conference to discuss freelance, entrepreneurship, UX research, pivoting in UX, UI, diversity and inclusion.

5 Tracks: Freelance / Entrepreneurship, UX Research, Finding Purpose in Your Job, Graphic Designers turned UX Designers, Diversity & Inclusion.

06 Dec

Product Research Rules! // UX Book Passion Talk

E-meet Aras Bilgen & C Todd Lombardo and hear their story behind the book 'Product Research Rules'.

Digital product research doesn't have to be difficult, take a long time, or cost a lot of money. Nor should it be a job solely for scientists or expert researchers. In this practical book, Aras Bilgen, C. Todd Lombardo, and Michael Connors demonstrate how your entire team can conduct effective product research within a couple of weeks--easily, cheaply, and without compromising quality.

07 Dec

Accessible UXR: Conducting UXR with People Who Have Invisible Differences

Strategies for conducting user research with people who have sensory, cognitive or other invisible differences.

Join us to discuss important strategies for conducting user research with people who have a spectrum of invisible differences. There are no one-size-fits-all accommodations, but experts Meryl Evans and Nikki Nolan share their best practices for both living with their own invisible disabilities and working with this important population. Curiosity Tank founder and UX researcher and educator Michele Ronsen leads the discussion.

08 Dec

UX Crunch Panel: Accessibility

In alignment with 'National Persons with Disabilities Week', we'll be joined by an awesome set of panellists who'll be discussing how innovation through the UX process can perpetuate inclusion through design.

We'll be digging in to their design processes, to understand how they ensure they're designing for everybody - regardless of how alternative or complex their needs may be. Join us to learn what you can do to ensure you're doing all you can when catering to the needs of others.


May 2022

30 May-01 Jun

UXinsight Festival 2022 – Growth in UX Research

Our sixth annual conference, the UXinsight Festival, is happening for three days in spring 2022. This year’s theme: Growth in UX research. This year we will aim for a hybrid format.

The in-person event will take place in the Netherlands. Limited tickets will be available. We will broadcast the conference live as well.

30-31 May and June 1

UXinsight Festival 2022 -Growth in UX Research

Do you have an idea for a talk or interactive session for this year's theme? We’d love to hear it! Whether you’re an experienced public speaker or doing it for the first time, our team will support and guide you every step of the way.

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