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November 2022

30 Nov

How to create Customer Journey Maps, User Flows and Sitemaps

In this live event we will walk you through best ways to create Customer Journey Maps, User Flows and Sitemaps.

You will explore: πŸ‘‰ The differences between User Journey Maps and User Flows? What is their purpose? How they complement each other? πŸ‘‰ What is a UX sitemap and what are its benefits? πŸ‘‰ What methods would you use to develop a customer journey and user maps? πŸ‘‰ Creating a UX sitemap


December 2022

01-02 Dec

UXinsight Getaway 2022

What is UX research strategy? Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to experienced UX Practitioners who want to have more impact in their day to day work.

05 Dec

Edinburgh UX monthly meetup -> The user research bubble – being on the inside

This talk is suitable for anyone who works within multi-disciplinary teams. Emma and Danielle from TPXimpact will share the approach, techniques and resources that will enable a multidisciplinary team to collaborate with user research in a new innovative way.

05-06 Dec

Live Q&A Session with Indi Young

Join UXRS for a Q&A session with Indi Young, who teaches practitioners a life-changing approach of listening deeply, building cognitive empathy over time, and properly handling qualitative data analysis.

Indi covers a wide range of topics, including qualitative data synthesis, resisting assumptions to build knowledge, scalable empathy (the different types of empathy), techniques of listening deeply and how to design outside of the β€œaverage” β€œuser”.

07 Dec

It’s our user needs – how to build a knowledge base of user needs

Raf, Natalie and Christina will present a case study on how to build a knowledge base of user needs, with the aim to maximise the impact of research and scale learnings across an organisation. They will also share the challenges and lessons learnt along the way.

07 Dec

From tactical to strategical: Elevating the impact of user research

Join this talk about elevating the importance of user research. You will also hear about having an impact with user research at different levels: from strategic to tactical, how user research and other types of research can work together and influence business decisions and helpful examples and tips to increase the impact of conducted user research within organizations.

07 Dec

Planning for Research Impact

How can we make sure that we're working on impactful projects, and how can we measure it? Join our next meetup online or face-to-face in Tel Aviv to learn all about it!

08 Dec

Career Pathmaking Meetup

A new meetup offering mentorship and peer support for our careers as ethnographers, researchers and strategists. The goal is to generate the collective wisdom, support, and solidarity that are essential to our successβ€”and our sanity!

09-10 Dec

UX Research Skillshop

Learn the tools and techniques necessary to kick off, execute and analyze UX Research. Advance your career with this 2-day online workshop that equips you with industry standard skills.

13 Dec

Supercharge your UX research with creativity ⚑

Join our online meetup for free to learn how to take your interviewing and research skills to the next level! We'll share techniques, practical tips and lessons learnt over the years. Get ready to apply these to your research practice and try out some new techniques in your next interview πŸ’ͺ

14 Dec

UX Psychology – far more than just research and cognitive biases!

When you hear about UX Psychology the first thing that probably comes to your mind is research, cognitive biases and some layout issues! And yes, they are important. But they are really just the peak of the iceberg of what Psychology can provide for better UX.

In this talk I will give you a sense of what else there is and provide lots of examples – all based on scientific insights.

15 Dec

AMA with Lindsay: Building a user-focused research practice

We’ll be hosting a free AMA with Lindsay Boylan, Head of Product Research at Xplor to discuss: πŸ‘ Expanding research through product and design 🌱 Growing and democratizing the research practice πŸ’— Building empathy & understanding for your users πŸ™‹ Your questions! Join us and learn how Lindsay has built a user-focused research practice.


January 2023

30 Jan

Challenging the Myths That Exist Around Data, Metrics & ROI

Join Clare Muscutt, and a panel of members from the Women in CX community, as they discuss CX Data, Metrics and ROI and uncover how we can shift our focus away from chasing metrics, to adding value to customers, employees and the business with our efforts to improve customer experience.


April 2023

17-19 Apr

UXinsight Festival 2023

Join our 7th annual UX research conference, in-person or online. Three days full of inspiration, connection and learning. Save the date!

April 17-19

UXinsight Festival 2023

πŸŽ‰ Our seventh annual UXR conference, the UXinsight Festival, is happening in spring 2023.

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