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May 2024

29 May

Multi-persona Journey Maps: One Map, Many Perspectives

During the webinar, we’ll share our approach to building multi-persona maps and will showcase two examples to provide you with a clear understanding of how multi-persona maps work in practice.

30 May

AMA with Steve: What makes a mature research practice?

Virtual AMA with Steve Portigal, a Research leader, consultant, and author. Join us for an exciting discussion and the chance to ask Steve any questions you may have.


June 2024

03 Jun

Research Melánge 5: Team Of One (Outdoors)

Establishing a research practice alone can be daunting, and this meet-up is a chance to share your experiences and challenges. We'll engage in some light activities to help you articulate these challenges and get some advice from others.

04 Jun

AI for UX Research & Digital Design’s Foundational Roots

An online series that delves into #ux #research #design and #ai

05 Jun

📖 The UX Book Club Book 📖 Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

"Essentialism" explores the art of simplifying life by focusing on what truly matters. Through practical strategies, McKeown advocates for prioritising essential tasks and eliminating non-essentials to achieve greater clarity, purpose, and success.

05-06 Jun

Activate EMEA 2024

Supercharge your Research with Activate! Join thousands of research and insights professionals at the Alida Activate virtual event to learn from industry experts and explore best practices from leading global brands.

06 Jun

Out in Tech UIUX x SF Bay Area x Dovetail | YOU in UX/UI (Virtual)

Join the fireside chat at the Dovetail Office to get the inside scoop on how other LGBTQ+ professionals show up as their authentic selves within UX!

06 Jun

UXR webinar: ReOps as the Engine of Your Research Practice

In this webinar, Julian will delve into how ReOps serves as the backbone of efficient and impactful research, ensuring that your team can consistently deliver high-quality insights.

06 Jun

UXRConf 2024

Whether you’re joining in-person or online, meet our newest roster of speakers, creatively solving problems on the frontier of research.

11 Jun

How to set up user research from scratch

Setting up a research function is complex. How to keep processes simple? How to show and communicate impact early on?

12 Jun

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories From the 21st Century

Join UX Book Club Chicago over zoom to discuss, Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories From the 21st Century, edited by Alice Wong.

13 Jun

Good UX is Good Business

Amy Lanfear (Microsoft) will talk on the value of increasing investments in UX, ways to measure the impact of UX, and how UX yields better business results.

19 Jun

Foundations of Research Operations: Mapping, Improving, and Prioritizing

Come learn the essentials of research operations! Learn to map, streamline & prioritize research maximum impact.

April 15-17

UXinsight Festival 2024 - Stay Curious, Be Bold

A UXR conference for everyone passionate about UX research ❤️

Check out our 8th edition in spring 2024!

3 days full of workshops, talks, live Q&As and networking 🥳

It's a wrap!

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