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October 2021

26 Oct

(Re)Design: tools to design for inclusion

Our guests will share tools that can re-shape the way we approach the (digital) product design process. Together we can embrace human diversity as a source of creativity and success.

27 Oct

How to Clarify Your Research Learning Objectives: A Tool for Transparency and Alignment

Get all team's stakeholders aligned to ensure that you are studying what was intended to be studied. Create efficient, organized research plans for the future.


November 2021

01 Nov

Remote Qualitative Research Methods // UX Talk

13 brave UX professionals signed up to share their knowledge on this topic, and you selected 5 to present their method for us!

Methods you'll learn about: - Remote digital prototype testing (multiple or single) - How to run enterprise research and make engaging takeaways report - Jobs to Be Done Interviews - Problem Stack Ranking - Mobile ethnography

04 Nov

The UX Picnic: An evening of design and research bites

The first edition of the UX Picnic! Please join us for an evening full of talk about design and research.

Talks: - Designing big, complex products from scratch by Jake Rich (Product designer at Picnic) - Accessibility research: Testing early in the design process by Maya Alvarado (UX Researcher at Booking) - CoronaMelder: Conducting user research for when everybody should be able to use your app by Job Jansweijer

11 Nov

UXinsight Unfolds ’21 – Making UX Research more inclusive

An Inclusive research event that gets you ready to take at least one step towards a more inclusive UX research practice.

11 Nov

World Usability Day 2021: Trust, Ethics and Integrity

Check out upcoming events around the world dedicated to the World Usability Day.

In our theme this year, we seek to explore online products and design systems that are helping us to stay connected, learn and grow in these transformational times. Through this theme, we also aim to address important issues such as Dark patterns and Ethical design, Designing for Trust, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

15 Nov

Learn how to design effective online surveys

This is a live online course on how you can create effective online surveys to gather quantitative data from users & customers.

In this course you will learn: The main prerequisites for building effective surveys. The types of questions you can ask and types of data you can gather through surveys. How to ask and write good questions for your surveys. How to structure your surveys. How to analyze and report the findings of surveys.

23-26 Nov

World Usability Day Estonia 2021

World Usability Day Estonia is the first conference for User Experience professionals in the Baltics. The theme for WUD2021 is “Design of Our Online World: Trust, Ethics and Integrity.”

This year is going to be a bit different but as amazing as always! The hybrid format combines a live event with an online event.

UXinsight Unfolds '21 - Making UX Research more inclusive
November 11, 2021

UXinsight Unfolds 2021

An Inclusive research event that gets you ready to take at least one step towards a more inclusive UX research practice. Are you joining us?

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