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January 2023

30 Jan

Challenging the Myths That Exist Around Data, Metrics & ROI

Join Clare Muscutt, and a panel of members from the Women in CX community, as they discuss CX Data, Metrics and ROI and uncover how we can shift our focus away from chasing metrics, to adding value to customers, employees and the business with our efforts to improve customer experience.

31 Jan

User Research Workshop

During this human-centred design workshop, you’ll learn specific techniques that put real people at the centre of your product development process, enabling you to create products and services that are tailored to your audience's needs. We’ll be focusing on the ✨research✨stage of product development.


February 2023

02 Feb

UX Research Leaders’ Forum: Prioritizing Research Studies

​So many user research questions, so little time! Please join Jeanette Fuccella for a discussion on how to identify your highest-priority research projects.

02 Feb

Inclusion Begins with Us

How can we ensure that the stories we tell are inclusive? What should we, as researchers, consider, build upon and reject? And what does it mean for our companies, our clients, and ultimately our communities when we get it right?

07 Feb

Removing Barriers for Research Participants with Disabilities

In this talk, researchers and community panelists from Open Inclusion share key strategies they are using to build their inclusive practice and a case study showing these approaches in action. The session will be highly interactive, promoting dialogue by, with, and for people variously impacted by exclusionary practices and engaged in inclusive research.

07 Feb

Growing UX Maturity at Scale

Businesses often struggle to build effective organizations that foster the growth and maturity of design & research. At scale, the challenges faced by design & research leaders are often tenfold. This presentation addresses those challenges and shares real-world examples of how to grow UX maturity at scale.

09 Feb

AMA with Kaela: ReOps lessons learned from Dropbox, Spotify, and Airtable

On Feb 9 at 12 pm ET, ReOps leader Kaela Tuttle-Royer will be covering: Building ReOps from scratch, or in the shadow of another former ReOps leader, ReOps for UXRs, Market Researchers, and Data Scientists --wins, losses, and what it means for the future of ReOps, navigating layoffs and the job market in an emergent niche industry and much more.

15-16 Feb

UX360 Research Summit

UX360 will showcase the latest UX and design research - from planning and conducting, to analysis and implementation of UX insights.

15 Feb

UXR with Participants with Disabilities

This talk will explain how to convince you & others to want to do UXR with people with disabilities. Sheri Byrne-Haber will share ways to change your approach to UXR to make it work for people with disabilities in a productive manner.

16 Feb

Continuous Discovery Habits @UX Vienna Book Club

Being open to discovery is something all product people can get on board with. As is reducing waste - not just in your life, but in your product work. All this gets addressed when we discuss Teresa Torres’ "Continuous Discovery Habits - Discover Products That Create Customer Value and Business Value".

16 Feb

Employee Journey Mapping Walkthrough: A Practitioner’s Approach

Our speaker, Paul Lopushinsky - founder of Playficient, will work through a practical example of building an employee journey map by navigating through the map that comes from a cumulation of past client work and best practices.

22 Feb

📖 The UX Book Club Book 📖 Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley

🎉 Join our virtual meetup on Wednesday 22nd @ 8am Dublin / 7pm Melbourne where we'll chat about Creative Confidence: Unleashing The Creative Potential Within Us All by Tom and David Kelley.


March 2023

27-30 Mar

Advancing Research 2023

Advancing Research 2023 is your opportunity to collaboratively re-assess the state of the practice, consider the increasingly complex demands being placed upon research teams and leaders, and work together to define clear roles, set goals, and establish scalable solutions for achieving them.


April 2023

17-19 Apr

UXinsight Festival 2023 – Pause, Rewind & Play

⏸️⏪▶️ Join our 7th annual UX research conference, in-person or online. Three days full of inspiration, connection and learning. Save the date!

April 17-19

UXinsight Festival 2023

🎉 Our seventh annual UXR conference, the UXinsight Festival, is happening in spring 2023.

👉 Early bird ticket sales start on February 1 at 10:00 CET. To get notified, subscribe to our newsletter!

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