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July 2022

11 Jul

A day in the life of a UX Researcher

Stephen is a Senior UX Researcher at Workday, where he spends his days in the design of software that others spend their days using. This will be an AMA (“ask me anything”) session where Stephen will share his knowledge and he’ll answer any question you might have on how he conducts research.

11 Jul

User research with kids: lessons from niche groups

Join us for the first of a two-part summer event focussing on research with niche groups. This event will focus on kids.

12 Jul

Research repository meetup

Are you also wondering what the hype around research repositories is all about? Seems like everyone is talking about it and trying to make it work. But the truth is that most of us are struggling. Join this meet-up for a success story.

At Lingoda, they decided to jump in and made it work. Now they are giving you tips, tricks, and tools for your repository setup.

19 Jul

Powerful Storytelling in UX; Crafting a Narrative For Interviews & Career

In this session, we will cover powerful UX storytelling needed for various UX backgrounds. Where is storytelling impactful? Join us for tips, advice, and live walk-throughs of storytelling improvements.

20 Jul

Breaking Into UX: Understanding the Question Behind the Question

To break into UX, you have to ace that critical job interview! But how?? Join NHUXPA for a presentation by Brian Sullivan.

Brian Sullivan is a Director of User Research, Accessibility, and Design Thinking at a large travel company. He is an Amazon bestselling author.

21 Jul

UXRS Summer Networking Extravaganza

Do you want to increase your UX professional network? Join UXRS for our networking event this summer!

We are going to have smaller breakout rooms where you can get to know other people who are interested in user experience research and strategy.


September 2022

15-16 Sep

UXinsight Getaway 2022

Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to experienced UX Practitioners who want to have more impact in their day to day work.

September 15 - 16

UXinsight Getaway 2022

👌 Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to experienced UX Practitioners.

🤝 Meet peers, share experiences and team up to push your UXR practice forward.

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