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May 2022

26-27 May

A Caring and Candid Live Feedback Session for UX Research Resumes

There's a lot of information out there about resumes. Come learn what resumes should contain, how they should look & how to "beat the bots".

Wed, May 18, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT Thu, May 19, 2022 12.00 AM - 2.00 AM CET

30 May-01 Jun

UXinsight Festival 2022 – Growth in UX Research

Join our sixth annual UX research conference, in-person or online. Three days full of workshops, talks, live Q&As and lots of networking. This year’s theme: Growth in UX research. Limited spots for the workshops on May 30.

We are excited to welcome you finally in person in the Netherlands! You'll enjoy the in-person activities at the largest theatre in the south of the Netherlands - Chassé Theatre in Breda (1 hour away from Amsterdam). For our online participants, the in-person event is broadcasted from the venue via a live stream.


June 2022

06-07 Jun


The premier event for researchers and anyone who loves research

06 Jun

97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know

Six authors from the book "97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know" will give ten-minute talks about their chapter and take questions.

07 Jun

UX Playbooks & Democratization of research

As user research scales and more hands and heads are involved - one way to strengthen shared practices and research rigor is by introducing a UX Research Playbook. But what does a UX Research Playbook look like?

Join our next ResOps Berlin event on the 7th of June, at 19.00 pm CET to learn more and share your experience! 👋

07 Jun

How to Get C-Suite to Buy into Research

Join us and our panel of experts to discuss buy in at the C-Suite for research and design….

We know the value of design, and can see the business impact of listening to users…so why isn’t it industry standard at the senior executive level? Why do we have to become master storytellers in order to get stakeholders to come along on the journey with us?

07-08 Jun

Alternative Analysis: Analyzing Data to Make UX and Product Decisions

Join us to learn about different approaches to ensure your results yield meaningful and actionable product decisions. Takeaway tools, templates, frameworks, triangulation techniques, and get inspired to roll up your sleeves in new ways.

We’ll also cover lesser-known and leveraged thematic content analysis tactics and formats, 2x2 frameworks to build on affinity diagramming, and touch on mind mapping, search log analysis, spectrum analysis, and discuss the difference between findings and insights. Tue, Jun 7, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT, Wed, June 8, 2022 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM CEST

08 Jun


In our first-ever conference, the ResearchOps Community brings you ReOpsConf 2022. A full day of learning and growth dedicated to the field of Research Operations.

08-09 Jun

Quant UX Con

The first unconference dedicated to the field of Quantitative UX Research

A two-day summit of talks, activities, and workshops for Quantitative UX Researchers, UX Data Scientists ... and anyone interested in Quant UX.

10 Jun

Digital Accessibility Program: Strategy, Process, Governance, and Adoption

Directing organizational digital accessibility strategy and program is a multifaceted process. It requires dedicated efforts across all enterprise business areas. In this workshop, we’ll share the techniques that will help you build and scale an impactful digital accessibility program, tools and shields.

We’ll discuss inclusive design & research, training & talent development, accessibility standards, governance, procurement, testing & maintenance, and other important pillars of a successful digital accessibility strategy.

13-17 Jun


In her week-long program, Colette Kolenda will host and be joined by a dozen seasoned research leaders digging into how to make sure you’re doing the work right. Research that matters. Research that has impact. Good Research.

15 Jun

UXPA June Meeting: To Become a UX Manager…or Not?

As UXers look ahead in their careers, one common question they ask themselves is whether or not they should consider a management path or climb the ranks as an individual contributor. Like most things in UX, it depends…

Hear the experience of UXers at Workiva who have explored both paths, and are a mix of ICs and managers today. They’ll share their divergent experiences as well as considerations for why you might choose one path or the other based on personal and organizational dynamics.

16 Jun

Surveys That Work @Ux Vienna Book Club

Because Caroline Jarrett had seen so many badly designed surveys - and surveys that should not have been done at all - she initially considered writing a book called "Here's why you shouldn't do a survey".

Fortunately, she ended up writing a book that shows you how to design better surveys instead, without having to become a survey expert yourself. It isn't mandatory to read the book for joining book club, but it can help to familiarise yourself with the topic.

21 Jun

Employee Experience Matters: Understand your Employee’s Journey

We often create journey maps for our clients when doing UX research to visually represent a process and better understand what the users are doing, thinking and feeling during each journey phase. Why can we not apply the same approach when trying to understand the employee experience?

21-24 Jun

UXPA International 2022

The UXPA International 2022 program is packed with inspirational content across 3 days of talks (June 21 - 23) and a day of hands on pre-conference courses (June 20).

23 Jun

Self-care in User Research: a trauma-informed practice

User researchers are faced with situations where they need to conduct repeated in-depth interviews with people who have had traumatic experiences.

Therefore, they must have the crucial knowledge and skills to prevent the harmful effects of working with complexity and trauma to maintain their psychological safety. It is also essential that they know how to mitigate risk and minimise harm to participants who share details of their traumatic experiences.

29 Jun

Navigating the White research space: The role of senior leaders in supporting and retaining Black and minority ethnic researchers

This workshop will be aimed at senior leaders/those in positions of power who are able to affect real change regarding their organisational makeup (e.g. through hiring and retention policies).

The panel discussion will focus on examples of best practice initiatives and reflections on opportunities for progress. We would like to provide senior leaders with the opportunity to ask questions and consider solutions in a supportive environment.

May 30, 31 and June 1

UXinsight Festival 2022 -Growth in UX Research

Join our sixth annual UX research conference, in-person or online.

Created by UX researchers for UX researchers.

Three days full of workshops, talks, live Q&As and lots of networking.

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