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October 2022

05 Oct

Inclusive web design: Introduction

What is accessibility and why is it important? How do users with various impairments navigate websites?

09-12 Oct

EPIC 2022

EPIC2022 is the premier international conference on ethnography in business.

The EPIC2022 theme is resilience—the ability to learn, adapt and evolve with adversity and changing conditions. Current health, climate, and social transformations foreground questions of who should flex, resist, or adapt; and what should be restored, abandoned, or reinvented. Resilience invites us to examine and enhance the ways organizations, products, services, communities, and our own work can be designed to learn, adapt and evolve. Join us in Amsterdam to employ, critique, and extend ideas and practices of resilience.

14 Oct

The Q&As of Quantitative Methods

This is a virtual series of three sessions (to be held Sep 8, Oct 13 and Nov 10) where participants will engage in discussions and examine case studies related to Quantitative Methods in UX Research.

Participants will gain practical knowledge of when and how to use quant methods as well as learn applicable techniques that are widely used in the industry.

17 Oct

Webinar: Product Discovery With Data & User Research by Glovo Group PM

This will be a quick but real case study on how we broke down the profitability problem of Glovo and built some innovative solutions through data and research-driven discovery.

18 Oct

Jobs to be Done: A Framework for Building Products People Want

Join for a discussion with Jim Kalbach, chief evangelist at MURAL and author of “The Jobs to be Done Playbook". Jim will share insights and field your questions about the Jobs to be Done methodology.

19 Oct

People Nerds 2022

Join us on October 19th to hear from leaders—both in and outside of UX—on what truly human-centered innovation will look like in years to come.

20 Oct

Building Research Ops from the Ground Up

We’ll be hosting a panel with two incredible ReOps leaders who will discuss: - ​Their paths into Research Ops - ​How to show the value of Research Ops - How to define the highest impact ReOps priorities

20 Oct

Customer Journey Mapping: Why Now and Not Alone

Customer journey mapping continues to be a critical part of customer experience management. However, the practice has gotten increasingly complex as the technology used to create customer journey maps has evolved and the use cases for them have grown.

This event will be useful for people already building journey maps with their teams or clients, and those who don’t know where to start.

20 Oct

UXR Meetup: How to present user research insights to different audiences

This time we have Moira Mastrone, Senior UX Researcher at MediaMarktSaturn and UX Research Mentor at ADPList, as our guest! Moira will walk us through the crucial topic of presenting user research insights and how to make them stick with different audiences. Our second guest will be announced soon.

25-26 Oct

Disco Conf

Discovery is a mindset. It transforms questions into decisions, data into stories, and insights into direction. Join us at Disco Conf to embrace the power in curiosity, collaboration, and continuous learning.


November 2022

14 Nov

Challenging the Myths That Exist Around Data, Metrics & ROI

Join Clare Muscutt, and a panel of members from the Women in CX community, as they discuss CX Data, Metrics and ROI and uncover how we can shift our focus away from chasing metrics, to adding value to customers, employees and the business with our efforts to improve customer experience.


December 2022

01-02 Dec

UXinsight Getaway 2022

What is UX research strategy? Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to experienced UX Practitioners who want to have more impact in their day to day work.

December 1-2

UXinsight Getaway 2022

👌 Join our advanced program of masterclasses and workshops tailored to experienced UX Practitioners.

🤝 Meet peers, share experiences and team up to push your UXR practice forward.

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