How to get a UX research job – Tips from industry experts

Trying to get into UX research? Or looking for a new opportunity? Learn what you can do to be effective in UX research job search.

4 Mistakes I made as a UX researcher & how to avoid them

Have you ever done research without involving stakeholders? Or, taken all research requests from stakeholders? Learn practical tips on how to avoid these and other UX research mistakes.

10 Tips on how to get started with inclusive UX research practice

How to get started with inclusive UX research? Check out what we’ve learned from our speakers and experts at UXinsight Unfolds 2021 conference.

4 Learnings from making our website more accessible

How to make website more accessible? Check out 4 learnings to help you take the first step towards improving accessibility at your company.

5 Arguments to sell accessibility to your company

Convince your management to invest in accessibility by taking a business perspective: a means to increase revenue, save costs, improve SEO, comply with law and increase customer satisfaction.

UX researcher career – Q&A with Gregg Bernstein

Want to start a UX research career? Or, progress further? Gregg Bernstein, the author of the book “Research Practice”, shares tips for UX research job hunting and growing into the role of research manager.

Having impact as a UX researcher – Q&A with Gregg Bernstein

Gregg Bernstein, the author of the book “Research Practice”, shares advice and practical tips about how to have impact as a UX researcher.

In-demand UX Research skills

Zombor Varnagy-Toth analysed 68 UX Researcher job postings from the biggest tech and UX thought-leader companies. What UX research skills and experience are employers looking for?

Resources for a more inclusive UX research practice

Here’s a list of resources about inclusion. It is intended as a starting point for UX professionals who are willing to invest in a more inclusive UX research practice.

How to get into UX research - By Anna Efimenko

How to get into UX research – 5 tips for landing your first job

Trying to start a career in UX research? Check out these practical tips to help you successfully get into UX research and be hired.

Collaboration for the Win! When Research Democratization becomes an Insights Bonanza

Opening a new product in a new market raised lots of questions. We needed to find answers, fast. Cue the Insights Bonanza!

“You can’t say you can’t play”* UXinsight’s journey toward creating an Inclusive Research event, part 1

How do we plan, create and organize an Inclusive Research event? Join our journey and feel free to share your story! Let’s play.

7 ‘Oldie Goldie’ UX resources that still help me in my career today

7 Oldie goldies: resources that helped me in UXR and facilitation

Check out these practical UX / HCD resources that Maaike Mintjes collected over the years. These are the ones that stayed with her.

Journey First, Destination Second – Satisfying the UX Researcher’s Hunger for Change

How can we UX researchers work towards a higher purpose with sustained dedicated practice and a growth-mindset and persevering despite setbacks?

UXinsight Festival team Fails – Seven Stories of when we got it wrong! – part II

As you may know, the theme for our 2021 festival is “learning through failing”. While we’re confident we’re going to be able to deliver

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