How we do user research at DUO – Our user research strategy, edition 2019

How we do user research at DUO – Our user research strategy, edition 2019

In this article, Maike Klip describes how they plan their research at DUO to have the most impact. What have they learned so far?

It’s Never a Good Time to Do Research – Which is why you should be doing research all the time

Instead of treating research as a special activity, we should embrace the habit of asking questions and looking for evidence in every step of the way.

Scoping User Research

Jim discusses some of the problems you may encounter when scoping user research and provide some advice about how to make scoping more accurate.

Moderating UX research with Zoom

Practical tips on how to use a videoconfering tool to run remote moderated user research (usability test or interview).

Skip User Research Unless You’re Doing It Right — Seriously

Do research right, or don’t do it at all. Joe makes the point that we better focus on research that has value behind a certain release.

How To Deliver A Successful UX Project In The Healthcare Sector

Improve your research by considering the three research challenges: Biases, Barriers and Background.

User experience research vs. market research for product design and development – a blurring line?

Traditionally market research has a wider perspective. User research focuses more on behavioral data. However both disciplines are shifting more towards each other.

Affinity Diagramming for Collaboratively Sorting UX Findings and Design Ideas

Affinity Diagramming is useful technique to sort and synthesise data from UX research.

Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction

Use the ladder of abstraction to understand if you are on the right level with a question or answer. A useful technique during an interview or scope session.

The Five Whys

Ever talked to a kid who did not stop asking Why? A simple but very effective way to get to the bottom of things. Use the 5 whys to understand the deeper motivations of people.

The Research Funnel

The Research Funnel describes four levels of research: 1) exploratory 2) strategical 3) tactical and 4) operational.

The Hypothesis Prioritization Canvas

The canvas helps your team define hypotheses and select the most critical ones for research.


Instead of asking people about their lives you start by asking them to create a photo journal. Participants create their own story and tell more about it during an interview.

Updated Empathy Map Canvas

The Empathy Map, created by Dave Gray, is used to visualise the attitudes and behaviours of users, in order to empathise with and understand the user.

UX Research Cheat Sheet

The UX Research Cheat Sheet describes UX methods and activities available in various project stages. 

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