Instead of asking people about their lives you start by asking them to create a photo journal. Participants create their own story and tell more about it during an interview.

Updated Empathy Map Canvas

The Empathy Map, created by Dave Gray, is used to visualise the attitudes and behaviours of users, in order to empathise with and understand the user.

UX Research Cheat Sheet

The UX Research Cheat Sheet describes UX methods and activities available in various project stages. 

Designing Credible Studies: A Research Framework

An introduction of the NCredible research framework intended to minimize bad research behaviors. 

When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods

To better understand when to use which user research method, Christian introduced a framework along 3 dimensions: 1) Attitudinal vs. Behavioral, 2) Qualitative vs.

How Many Participants are Really Enough for Usability Studies?

[Sciencific read] There is a lot of discussion going on if 5 respondents is enough for a usability test or not. This scientific study discusses all arguments and sets up an experiments to find the optimal number of respondents.

A Stakeholder Interview Checklist

Kim created a useful cheat sheet with questions to ask different type of stakeholders when preparing a study.

How Many Test Users in a Usability Study?

Jacob Nielsen argues that it is best to invite 5 participants in a usability test. This number has the biggest ROI.

Questions to ask before starting user research

In order to prepare your research Michael created a list of questions to discuss with stakeholders. What questions do you ask?

Why you only need to test with five users (explained)

There is and has been a lot of debate about the magical number of five users for usability testing. Jeff explains the discussion from a statistical perspective.

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