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Breaking Silos between UXR, Data, Market Research and other insights functions


Breaking Silos between UXR, Data, Market Research and other insights functions

Our organisations can access increasing amounts of data, from traditional market research to data analytics, CRM, industry reports and user insights. AI systems and smart repositories make this data easy to access. Data is all over the place. But how do we make sense of it all?

An illustration of different insights roles represented in a concentric circle diagram. At the center is 'AI' surrounded by a circular arrow. The next layer includes 'CRM,' 'UXR,' 'Data Analytics,' 'Support,' 'CX,' and 'Market Research.' The outermost layer encompasses 'Benchmarks,' 'Science,' 'Industry reports,' and 'Market Research.' The roles are distributed evenly around the circle, indicating how AI integrates various domains.

We firmly believe that we can improve the quality of insights if all insights functions closely collaborate. For example, data analysts might notice trends in customer behaviour; UXRs can help make sense of these trends. UXRs can provide input to new concepts; market researchers can test their business potential.

In many organisations, UXRs work together with design and product management. But what about other insight funcitons?

“How can we grow our discipline by working more effectively with other insights disciplines?”

In the next Think Tank session, we want to explore the possibilities and challenges of working closer with other insights roles.

What is a UXinsight Think Tank session?

Our mission is to help the UXR community grow by identifying challenges in the current practice and initiating discussions.

Every month, UXinsight explores a different topic. We begin by conducting desk research to better understand the problem and what is already known about it. We talk to individuals who are knowledgeable in the field.

Following the initial research, an online session will be tailored to UXRs interested in the topic. We invite you to share your experiences with the group during this session. Additionally, there will be breakout sessions during which you will brainstorm how to overcome identified challenges.

We motivate our Think Tankers to help us communicate the learnings from desk research and the online session back to the community (e.g., by writing blog posts, posting learnings on social media, or sending a newsletter).

Why join this Think Tank?

We can’t grow the UXR community without your help!

  • ✔ Contribute to defining best practices in UXR
  • ✔ Network with UXR peers and thought leaders
  • ✔ Access case studies and success stories from other organisations
  • ✔ Learn how to overcome common challenges together

Who can apply?

  • You currently work as a UX Researcher (IC, manager, lead), OR in any other Insights discipline (Data, Market Research).
  • You work in an organisation that recognises multiple insights roles (either formal or informal).
  • You are open to sharing your experiences, knowledge and ideas with the group.
  • When registering, we ask for a contribution of €15 (€18,15 incl. VAT).*


*Why do I need to pay to participate?

As event organisers, we do not mind spending time preparing these sessions, setting up the tools, paying subscriptions, and facilitating them (actually, we love our work 🤩).

However, we don’t love no-shows that much. Especially since the group dynamic and exercises are prepared for a certain number of people.

Of course, we understand any last-minute cancellations due to personal circumstances or fires that need extinguishing. But, before signing up for this session, please take a minute to reflect: Are you truly invested in this topic enough to devote at least two hours to it?

We hope you are, and we can welcome you to our next Think Tank Session!

Register now!

  • Online session
  • 15:00-17:00 CEST
  • Contribute to defining best practices in UXR
  • Network with UXR peers and become thought leaders

15 (ex VAT)