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Let’s team up and define your UXR goals for 2024


Let’s team up and define your UXR goals for 2024

We all talk about “impact” and are eager to show how valuable researchers are as strategic business partners. But in reality, it can be difficult to break free from the daily grind and carve out time to think about how to set ourselves up for success. Doing this by yourself can make it even more challenging. 

Being intentional about your goals is the first step to achieving impact.

But how? 🤔

👉 Join us and work with UXR peers to maximize your impact in 2024

  • Gain insights from the lessons learned from our experienced guest speaker Ilse Blom,
  • collaborate with UXR professionals from around the world,
  • through two group sessions & individual assignments,
  • and provide each other with support and feedback.

📈 Afterwards, you..

  • defined your UX research goals for next year,
  • feel ready to successfully transform your research practice to have more impact, 
  • and gained peer support.

How does this work?

We gather online for two sessions of 90 minutes. During these sessions you will learn more about setting strategic goals, be inspired by our guest speaker and work together with your peers to define your goals for 2024. Between sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers through our community platform and work together on completing the assignments.

Session 1 - November 14

  • Ilse Blom will inspire us with a talk on how she transformed her work by setting strategic goals.
  • Break out in smaller groups to reflect on where our research practice is now and where we would like it to be
  • Learn more about the different spheres of influence (personal, team or company level) and effective goal-setting

Individual assignment 

  • Access team platform and resources
  • Work at your own pace to identify your main challenge for the new year
  • Connect with peers to discuss ideas and progress
  • Start formulating goals for 2024

Office hour - November 24  * optional

  • Join this meeting to ask questions and spar with your peers if you get stuck in any way

Session 2 - November 30 

  • We all share our goals and give feedback to each other. 
  • Time for reflection: are your goals for 2024 ambitious, inspiring and/or actionable? 
  • What do you need to do to get buy-in from your colleagues and stakeholders to make this happen? 
  • How will you keep track of progress and stay on track during 2024? 
  • Define your next steps: how will you go from idea to action? 


  • Ilse Blom

  • Kathleen Asjes

  • Karin den Bouwmeester

Ilse started her career as a UI/UX designer at a health insurance company and then later moved to funda. When a UX Research position opened up, it was through her participation in the hiring interviews and passionately telling those candidates about the role that she discovered her secret crush on research. Eventually, it was Ilse who got the role and the opportunity to build the in-house research practice; later the research team from scratch.

In the past couple of years she continued to enhance her strategic and coaching capabilities as UX Research manager at Backbase. Currently she is exploring new realms as a freelancer in the role of Service Designer for Jumbo Supermarkten.

Ilse is passionate about empowering and enabling fellow researchers in defining and pursuing their personal and professional missions in making companies, processes and products truly human-centric.


Kathleen is an independent coach and research leader, passionate about empowering growth for people and businesses. She enjoys building research capacity from scratch and has spent these last 15 years leading teams of researchers, designers and product managers on their journey towards working insight-informed. She is the founder of a new peer-to-peer coaching network for research leaders, called ‘Grow & Connect’.


Karin is a UX researcher and the founder of UXinsight. With a background in psychology, she started working as a UX researcher in 2000. She worked as a researcher in a large enterprise, as well as for small agencies. With over 20 years of research experience, she’s open to every research challenge. She still loves to dive into a new study each time.

As a facilitator, she aims to create an open atmosphere for participants to feel safe and welcome to share information and experiences. Every group is different, which makes it interesting, diverse and fun.


Who can apply?

You are currently working as a UXR professional within an organisation.

The registration fee is €75 (ex VAT). Before session 1, you’ll get access to your peer group platform.


When? Date Time(CET)
Session 1 November 14 14:00 – 15:30
Office hour * optional November 24 14:00 – 15:00
Session 2 November 30 14:00 – 15:30
Individual assignments ~ 2 hours a week

If you have any questions about the program: don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at



Practical info

  • 2 online group sessions & individual assignments
  • Apply directly to your work practice
  • Access to the peer group platform
  • Contribution €75,- (ex VAT)
  • Registration closed for November 14 & 30