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Getting your message across – An Introduction to Visual Thinking


Getting your message across – An Introduction to Visual Thinking

As a UX researcher it’s essential to get your message across. Setting scope with your stakeholder, conveying research results or transforming results into actions. Engaging others in our research is an integral part of our job.

But how to convey the message best?

People like pictures. Using visuals allows your stakeholders to understand your message more easily and process information faster. People also better retain visual information. Learn to shape your ideas by drawing and use your own visuals in your communications. You will be amazed at the result, really: everyone can draw 😊.


In this 4-hour online course, you’ll be learning by doing. You develop the necessary courage to convey your ideas and insights with visualisations. With simple tips and examples, you will learn how to draw everyday (UX related) matters.

The course is taught to you by a trainer of Buro BRAND. You might know them from the best-selling books ‘Visual Thinking’ and ‘Visual Doing’ by Willemien BRAND. They have more than ten years of experience teaching people to draw and helping teams align, co-create and work more efficiently with the power of Visual Thinking.

After this training you…

  • ✔ Have the (creative) courage to draw!
  • ✔ Can visualise anything by bringing it back to basic shapes
  • ✔ Have kick-started your journey of working (more) visually

Outline of this training

This course will be delivered online in one 4-hour session.

During the training the following topics are covered:

  • Introduction & Materials
  • Basic shapes & Visuals dissected
  • Emotion & Interaction
  • People & Action
  • Basis icons
  • Final exercise: from word to image


  • Michiel Reijnders

  • Buro BRAND

Michiel is an experienced visual consultant, illustrator & storyboard artist. After a Bachelor’s degree focused in audio Visual Media from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht he worked as a freelancer skilled in Cinematography, Storyboarding, Pitching Ideas, Illustrator, Procreate and Final Cut Pro.

In 2018 he joined Buro BRAND as he was excited about the mission to help everyone gain visual (drawing) skills as a way of communication. With great enthusiasm and a love for the drawn image he now teaches people the Visual Thinking Fundamentals and drawing digitally (iPad) at Buro BRAND, helps develop e-learnings and helps clients get their message across with professional pictures, infographics and animations.

In his spare time, he is a self-proclaimed movie nerd. Cheese platters are his favourite food, preferably with a specialty beer. He also likes to go out into nature with a backpack or tent, although he has other things on his mind right now, since he just became a father of Lola, born in May last year.


With their imagination, Buro BRAND helps companies, teams and employees who want to change or progress. Always, with Visual Thinking as their way of working. They firmly believe that images often work so much more effectively and better than complicated documents, long meetings and boring PowerPoints!

Our ultimate mission is that visual language becomes as self-evident as writing and talking, for everyone, at every moment of the day. We do this with the help of our visual products, training courses, programs and books.


Practical information

  • Class in English
  • Online course (runtime 4 hours)
  • Price €295,- (per participant, ex VAT)
  • Course uses Zoom (no account is required)
  • Group size is 6-12 participant

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Practical info

  • 6-12 participants
  • via Zoom
  • Really: everyone can draw 😊
  • Registration for Jun 24 closed
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