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How to Create a UX Research Plan for Stakeholder Buy-in


How to Create a UX Research Plan for Stakeholder Buy-in

Are you starting out in UX research and want to feel more confident planning your projects? Do you want improve your knowledge of UX research best practices and learn how to effectively involve stakeholders from the start? Or, you have pressing business problems and want to learn how to get started with user research?

In this hands-on, interactive user research training, you will learn and practice how to create a UX research plan to ensure stakeholder buy-in. Building a plan is the foundation of an effective research project. But there are many things to consider:

How to define your research goals? Who to recruit, and how many? Which method to choose? How to scope your research? But also, when and how to involve stakeholders? You’ll learn how to effectively make these decisions and much more.

Here’s what you’ll get from this training:

  • Learn core concepts & best practices in (planning) user research
  • Have a practical understanding of how to create a UX research plan
  • Gain confidence planning UX research projects for higher stakeholder buy-in & impact
  • Get UX research templates & tools that you can start applying in your work

Outline of this training

This online user research training consists of 2 sessions of 3.5 hours. You will master the foundations of UX research, and how to effectively plan UX research projects with stakeholders. You'll learn in-depth the elements of a UX research plan and how to make decisions, like deciding on research questions, recruitment and UX research methods.

The training has a mix of theory and practical exercises - you'll work through (our) case studies to apply what you learn. You will get plenty of materials and UX research templates that you can start applying in your work. And, you will earn UX research certification.

Session 1

  • Welcome & introductions
  • UX research process & stakeholder role
  • UX research plan: what & why
  • How to create a UX research plan & involve stakeholders:
    • Understand context & business objectives to set yourself up for success
    • Define effective research questions to get the most out of your research
    • Scope your research project to adapt to constraints
  • Discussion & wrap up

Session 2

  • Welcome & recap
  • How to create a UX research plan & involve stakeholders:
    • Choose a suitable UX research method to reach your objectives
    • Identify who to recruit, how many & appropriate recruitment method
    • Define your research timeline to set expectations
    • Consider your research deliverables for impactful follow up
  • Discussion & wrap up


  • Anna Efimenko

  • Karin den Bouwmeester

I am a Senior UX researcher and UX Research Ambassador at UXinsight. With 7+ years of UX research experience working in agile environments and background in social sciences, I am passionate about designing experiences informed by data and driven by empathy.

Previously, I worked at and supported multi-disciplinary teams by using qualitative and quantitative data to inform product design, strategy, metrics and data models. I am excited about mixed-methods research and collaborations with other insights disciplines (e.g., data science/analytics).

I love to learn and to contribute to the research community through mentorship & knowledge sharing. I am currently also a mentor on UX Coffee Hours.


I am a UX researcher and the founder of UXinsight. With a background in psychology, I started working as a UX researcher in 2000. I worked as a researcher in a large enterprise, as well as for small agencies. With over 20 years of research experience, I’m open to every research challenge. I still love to dive into a new study each time.

As a trainer, I aim to create an open atmosphere for participants to feel safe and welcome to share information and experiences. Every group is different, which makes it interesting, diverse and fun.


I liked the advice on current/future project challenges and questions best. Anna is very friendly and a great teacher! I would rate both her and the training a 10.


Practical information

  • Training in English
  • Online user research training (2 sessions of 3.5 hours)
  • Price €490,- (per participant, ex VAT)
  • Via Zoom and Miro (no prior knowledge required)
  • Group size 4-6 participants (plenty of time to ask questions & learn from each other)
  • A mix of theory and hands-on exercises
  • Slides, materials and UX research templates will be shared
  • Afterwards, you’ll receive UX Research Certification by UXinsight

Practical info

  • 6-12 participants
  • Focus on practice & application
  • Via Zoom & Miro
  • Templates included
  • Want to keep posted on new dates?
  • Or, know more about incompany options? 👇