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Masterclass Storytelling


Masterclass Storytelling

If your role is about getting people to improve the user experience, stories will help you do a better job. They’ll help you connect with other teams, help them to understand your research and embrace the need for change. Sway stakeholders with the ultimate change management tool. Learn how to find a story worth telling and how to structure it for maximum effect.

That’s because stories affect us on all levels of our being: rationally as well as emotionally and neurologically. (For example, through hormones, mirror neurons and by activating specific areas of our brains).

In this training, you’ll learn how to find a story worth telling and how to structure it for maximum effect. Try out techniques in interactive exercises and explore the power of stories in a safe environment.

After completing this training you’ll be able to:

  • ✔ Create a story about almost anything, using a single core question
  • ✔ Present the results of your research in a way that engages anyone, from the janitor to the CEO
  • ✔ Increase user empathy across your organisation
Storytelling Masterclass UXinsight


Outline of this training

This online masterclass consists of a 3-hour session — a deep-dive into finding and plotting a captivating story.

  • Introduction: Why our brains love a good story
  • Drama, baby!
    • The core question at the heart of captivating stories
    • Plotting your blockbuster
    • Action Scenes
    • Emotional Triggers
  • Taking Hollywood to the Office
  • Mission Possible: Giving Reassurance
  • Discussion and wrap up


  • Sabine Harnau

I’m a customer-centric messaging strategist based in ‘up-state’ Amsterdam. After starting the first in-house copy team at LEGO Customer Service and writing agency-side for over 70 brands, I started “From Scratch” in 2017 to focus on digital copy for brands that do good. Our copy is always based on user research and incorporates UX research results.

Using storytelling, we’re usually able to get easy client buy-in to our approach. We’d love to see a stronger bond between UX research and copywriting — which is why I’m keen to share these storytelling techniques. 

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What participants are saying about this training

I really liked the structuring of the program (good storytelling itself I guess ;)) and the active crowd. It was a really productive setting.

Jim Decker

The training was very useful. I got many tips and tricks on how to make your story more appealing to your public.

Participant - Jan, 2021

Practical information

  • Class in English
  • Online masterclass (runtime 3 hours)
  • Price € 250 (per participant, ex VAT)
  • Group size is 5-15 participants
  • Course uses Zoom
  • A mix of theory and exercises


Practical info

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8.0/10)
  • 5-15 participants
  • Via Zoom
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