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Take the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Find out what’s going on in the research field. Get inspired. And feel part of a community.

May 2021

18 May

Analysing & Synthesising UX Research at Glovo

In this talk, Valentina aims to share her process and its benefits, as an inspiration for other professionals juggling remote dynamics these days.

Research analysis and synthesis can be quite extensive and energy-draining steps within the UXR process. Yet both are key to distilling relevant actionable outcomes for dissemination, if you are navigating a fast-paced, disruptive professional reality like Glovo - where ‘GAS’ is one of the driving values - your UXR process should have quality, speed, and pragmatism in good balance. How can we make these process milestones more structured, targeted to what truly matters, and — why not — a bit more fun too? This event will be held in English. This community and event series focuses on women and non-binary people. We would like to encourage you to come to our meetups which are suitable for all experience levels.

19 May

Dr Nick Fine – The State of UX: 2021 Update [Webinar]

The State of UX is a talk that aims to give you a perspective on the current state of UX, viewed through the lens of Nick Fine’s experience, a contract lead user researcher who works across public and private sectors, client and agency sides.

The talk is a fast-paced, light-hearted review that is designed for maximum engagement. It was originally created about 5 years ago, so this is the 2021 update to include all the UX/UI and Product changes that have happened since then. It’s fun, irreverent and unflinchingly honest, and will hopefully help you to better manage your own professional development and ongoing UX career.

20 May

Meet-up: Man eating cereal & Other UX Stories

As a product manager, Gunjan evangelizes and conducts different kinds of user research in her organization. While plenty of these research sessions run smoothly, not all of them do!

This meetup is in the format of a storytelling session that recounts such research projects that we would usually call "failures", and the lessons we can still take from them. Inspired by fables and oral storytelling, this session invites you to interact, learn and reflect on what could be the moral(s) of these modern UX fables.

27 May

Creative Interviewing Techniques

Connect with users on a deeper level: uncover barriers and expand your toolbox of creative interviewing techniques.

Do you ever feel that you don't get the most out of a conversation with a user? That there is more, a deeper level of understanding, but you just can't reach it? In this training, we discuss the barriers that might be of influence and provide you with tools to overcome these barriers. And more importantly, you will get an opportunity to try out techniques and experiment together with other trainees in a safe environment.


June 2021

01-17 Jun

Exploratory research – what, why and how?

How to uncover what users need and want. In this introductory training, you'll learn about exploratory research and how to apply this in your own work.

How do I uncover what users need and want? What exploratory research techniques are there? How should I organise my research? And how can I turn qualitative data into actionable insights? These questions and more will be answered in this hands-on, interactive online Exploratory research training.

09 Jun

24 Hours of UX

June 9th (for most of the world), 24 straight hours of community-driven content from around the globe.

Ever wondered how UXers in Manila are thinking? Or what the hot topics are in Nairobi? Or what keeps experience designers up at night in Geneva? Now is your chance to listen in or talk to the world! Communities, speakers and keynote presenters are lining up. All we need now is you! Our virtual doors open at 7 AM CEST, and we aren’t closing them for a full day. A day packed with talks, learning, discussions & networking. The event is non-stop, but because we are global, it stretches across June 8th, 9th and 10th.

10 Jun

Storytelling Masterclass

Sway stakeholders with the ultimate change management tool. Learn how to find a story worth telling and how to structure it for maximum effect.

If your role is about getting people to improve the user experience, stories will help you do a better job. They’ll help you connect with other teams, help them to understand your research and embrace the need for change. Sway stakeholders with the ultimate change management tool.

15 Jun

The Art of User UX Interviews

Unfold critical skills on how to become an effective interviewer, to gather the most insights out of your participants in your next UX interview.

This is the most requested research method that our community wants to learn more about. And our president, Jen Blatz, is bringing this topic to life so you can take what you learn and apply it to your next UX interview immediately. Interviewing participants, like surveys, can be done well, or very poorly. When a person is not prepared for a user interview, it shows. This talk will help prepare you to conduct user interviews that provide value to your team, your stakeholders and the product you are working on

23 Jun

How To Leverage UX and Market Research to Understand Your Customers

As a UX researcher, market research does not have to be your enemy. Unlock the power of utilizing market data to gain big customer insights

In the current experience economy, many companies have finally realized they need to move from a product-centric to a customer-centric growth strategy. Collaboration between the market research and UX teams is a must to really get a well-rounded understanding of customers and potential customers in order to support business decisions that promote customer-centricity.

24 Jun

Getting your message across – An Introduction to Visual Thinking

Develop the necessary courage to convey your ideas and insights with visualisations.

Using visuals allows your stakeholders to understand your message more easily and process information faster. People also better retain visual information. Learn to shape your ideas by drawing and use your own visuals in your communications. You will be amazed at the result, really: everyone can draw 😊.


July 2021

01 Jul

Socrates on Sneakers – Ask better Questions, get better Answers

Do you ever feel you want to ask a question but somehow you don’t? Do you sometimes get the feeling there is a ‘question behind the question’ but you just don’t know how to get there?

In this workshop, you will find out some of the reasons that prevent us from asking the right question at the right time, and you will learn how to improve your art of questioning. We will take a look at one of the biggest superheroes when it comes to asking questions and critical thinking: Socrates.


September 2021

17-19 Sep

Savvy UX Summit 2021

This year’s Savvy UX Summit will be a 3-day virtual event starting from the 17th to 19th September 2021, with the main theme “Beyond the Product”.

Nowadays, customers evaluate products or services not just on prices and functionalities. In fact, the whole experience matters greatly. This goes beyond the product experience. It has become imperative for companies to provide the best experience possible. In order to do so, understanding customers’ needs and preferences is crucial. 2021 will be a pivotal year for businesses to go beyond the product!


October 2021

18-21 Oct

EPIC 2021: Anticipation

EPIC2021 is the premier international conference on ethnography in business.

There are no future facts. Yet we humans constantly create potential futures through art, imagination, research, storytelling, planning, and design. The EPIC2021 theme Anticipation invites us to explore how our work documents, anticipates, and crafts futures of its own.