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October 2020

06 Oct-03 Nov

User Research Fundamentals

Build your skills and confidence in user research with this interactive, live streamed, online course (9 x 2hr sessions).

In this structured online program of 9, instructor-led, workshops, you'll discover how to plan, execute and analyse user research within an Agile framework. During each classroom session, you'll prepare the materials you will need to carry out user research on the very product or service your team is developing.

Class sizes are small and delivered live via Zoom. Combined with practice projects, this helps you build skills, confidence and expertise in user research methods.

Through real-time presentations, quizzes and interactive activities, you'll learn the theory of user research and practice its core skills.

25-28 Oct


The premier international conference on ethnography in business.

The EPIC2020 theme is SCALE. How can we engage, work across, and reframe scale in a world where bigger, faster, easier, broader are the desired and expected goals? In these times of critical, planet-wide challenges, we invite contributions that address how concepts of scale define the scopes, contexts, and impacts of ethnographic work in creating value in organizations, and in sustaining our global futures.


November 2020

09-17 Nov

The Global Experience Summit

The Global Experience Summit has transformed from the world's fastest growing UX training conference (UX LIVE) into a three-part online festival covering every element of the experience process.

The Global Experience Summit is dedicated to showcasing practical, actionable insights that help elevate daily project work. Whether it’s researching for or designing specific functions for your user; building the end-to-end service for your customer, or strategically marrying business and customer goals to deliver industry-leading products that actually work! In addition to our established UX focus (UX LIVE), we’re excited to introduce two new amazing virtual conferences; Customer Experience & Service Design (CX) LIVE & Product LIVE, where we’ll build on our understanding of the 'human' of our experience design, from micro to macro, front to back. UX Live - 9th & 10th November; CX Live - 12th & 13th November; Product Live - 16th & 17th November

10 Nov

How to Do Ethical Research

An EPIC Talk with NAZIMA KADIR, October Anthropologist 10 November 2020, 8:00 am San Francisco / 4:00 pm London / 6:00 Cape Town

In commercial environments, there is often a lack of understanding of research ethics. As a result, navigating the world of ethics can often be stressful and challenging for commercial researchers. In this session, Nazima Kadir will: 1) provide a history of ethical research and its relevance to commercial researchers who interact with people 2) explain the concept of informed consent and how to practice it throughout the research process 3) provide an opportunity for participants to evaluate different situations that arise in commercial research and evaluate them using ethical research frameworks. Nazima's approach to ethical research is based on her experience conducting sensitive and long-term research among vulnerable populations, undergoing rigorous human subjects reviews, and using the ethical guidelines of the American Anthropological Association and the Market Research Society. She has conducted research with populations as varied as Asian domestic workers in Cyprus, victims of police conduct in New York City, squatters in Amsterdam, African immigrant mothers in London, and gig economy workers in Brazil.

12 Nov

World Usability Day with UX Research and Strategy

Join the UX Research and Strategy group virtually to hear from user experience professionals who create products with AI (Artificial Intelligence). November 12, 2020 at 7 p.m. CST.

19 Nov

Rethinking Users – From Individuals to Ecosystems

EthnoBorrel will explore the idea of “user ecosystems” and their importance to design and ethnographic research. It will introduce a new book and toolkit, Rethinking Users: The Design Guide to User Ecosystem Thinking.


March 2021

17-19 Mar

Design Research 2021

Design Research 2021 is a three-day online event that takes a deep dive into all things related to research for design work.

The format of the 2021 program will include conference presentations in the morning followed by practical workshops in the afternoon.


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