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September 2021

22 Sep

UX Research: A Career Path

Learn from UX research experts about their journey into UX research, UX research responsibilities and tips to break into UX research.

27-30 Sep

Radical Research Summit

The 5th edition creates a unique opportunity to connect with the North American UX research community. RRS brings together exceptional speakers from large technology organizations, start-ups and academia.

29 Sep

UX Research in an Agile World

Incorporating UX Research into an Agile setting can be a challenge. Join for a discussion about how the two can fit together.

This session will cover recommendations for setting up the logistics to best facilitate research and specific tips to plan, run, and analyze UX research effectively within an Agile environment.


October 2021

01 Oct

Research and Design Operations 101

Learn how to apply the principles and practices that support Research and Design Operations.

This course will explore how to scale and embed research and design and work with an agile development team by focusing on people, practices, processes, places, products, and performance how to deliver impact and value. We will look at the 'Why"and the 'How' of research, design and dev operations and how to scale in organisations that want to adopt research led, evidence-based decision making, using design thinking.

06-07 Oct

Magnify: The inclusive design and research conference

Join to share stories, ideas and expand knowledge about inclusive design and research.

Through inclusive design and research, we can identify and prioritise those who are currently being left out or face the most barriers in our problem space. How might we ensure psychological safety is created for participants in research sessions? How might we shift the power dynamics in design to empower citizens who are marginalised by society? How might we advocate for and receive stakeholder investment for inclusive projects?

18-21 Oct

EPIC 2021: Anticipation

EPIC2021 is the premier international conference on ethnography in business.

There are no future facts. Yet we humans constantly create potential futures through art, imagination, research, storytelling, planning, and design. The EPIC2021 theme Anticipation invites us to explore how our work documents, anticipates, and crafts futures of its own.

19-21 Oct

Implementing a ResearchOps Function in your Organization

Brigette Metzler and Benson Low, co-chair and director of the ResearchOps Community respectively, will help make sense of where and how ResearchOps fits in your organization.


November 2021

11 Nov

UXinsight Unfolds ’21 – Making UX Research more inclusive

An Inclusive research event that gets you ready to take at least one step towards a more inclusive UX research practice.

UXinsight Unfolds '21 - Making UX Research more inclusive
November 11, 2021

UXinsight Unfolds 2021

An Inclusive research event that gets you ready to take at least one step towards a more inclusive UX research practice. Are you joining us?

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