Operationalising research

    How to measure UX research impact: A multi-level framework

    Whether you are the only UX researcher in your organisation or part of a larger team: it makes sense to reflect on the impact of user research regularly. We propose a framework for defining and measuring UX research impact across different levels.

    How to build a UX research role & practice from scratch

    Are you the first UX researcher in your organisation? Or is it your first role as a UX researcher? Get inspired by this case study on how to define your role from scratch and spread the research mindset in your teams (templates included!).

    UX research prioritisation: Avoiding low impact projects

    We went from creating appetite for research to juggling the overwhelming amount of requests. How can we spot the most promising projects? And identify those that risk having little impact? Learn about 5 steps to help you implement UX research prioritisation in your organisation.

    A 3-step guide for a better partnership with UXR stakeholders

    How to effectively partner with UX research stakeholders? How do you get buy-in as a researcher? Check this practical guide including several templates to use for your research studies and stakeholder collaboration.

    UX Research Briefing Template

    Figuring out what the research objective is, is a crucial part of preparing for a research project. This template helps you answer important questions before you start, so you can make your research project a success. Fill it out together with your team, clients and/or stakeholders.